J-Novel App v. 1.1 iOS Open Beta

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    Hey everyone! I've got a new version of the App for iOS (andriod, too, but the open beta is using Apple's Testflight).

    Anyone who wants to get access to it, reply to this thread (I can see your emails with my admin account) for beta test access (you need an iDevice).

    New features:

    1. You can invert the order of part lists.
    2. If you aren't logged in or aren't a member, the "Preview" parts are always at the top of the list.
    3. PAGINATED SCROLLING on the reader.
    4. Both horizontal and vertical scrolling available (toggle between the two in the reader menu by tapping the right caret)
    5. No more memory issues thanks to the paginated scrolling.
    6. Minimum and maximum font sizes increased.
    7. Some tweaks to the reader test styles, like less vertical margin between paragraphs.
    8. Reader display settings are now saved between sessions. Font size, font type, and reading scroll orientation.

    The pagination takes a little while to do (about 2-5 seconds). There's a progress bar though so it doesn't feel that slow, and it only needs to be redone when you change font, fontsize, or load a new part.
    It's actually quite complex because I have to render every sentence to calculate its height, and then test render each possible splitting point of every sentence that borders a page. This algorithm is still not perfect and there may be issues with the largest font size in certain rare cases.

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    I want in. Please and thank you.

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    Please include me. I would like to try it out, too.

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    I'd like to join

  • Please :)

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    Thanks for the invite. When I opened the app on iPhone (iPhone 7, iOS 10.1.1) for the first time, I went to open My Little Sister Can Read Kanji, which was at 100% completed. App crashed. It worked after I tried again.

    Also, with pagination I can no longer have Siri's Speak Screen feature read the book to me without it stopping at the end of each page. With other apps such as iBooks and Kindle, Siri will automatically turn the pages when it is finished with the current page.

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    @erictbar hopefully I get some info from the crash report.

    Interesting. I hadn't considered text to speech programs... that might be beyond my abilities since it would require manually hooking into the iOS API but I will look into it.
    I guess it would only require listening for a "finished reading the page" event somehow and triggering the next page movement.

  • @Sam-Pinansky

    The app actually isn't too far from being voiceover compatible. The icons in top bar in reading mode need descriptions but otherwise if there was a way to turn pagination off it should be pretty immediately blind accessible. The beta pagination causes the the below problem…

    As it is now, using only voiceover, I can easily select a series and then chapter (and 'see' how far I've read in it) as well as start the first page of reading without looking at the screen. Unfortunately you seem to have the reading mode as a overlay? As soon as it finished the page it jumps back to reading the last menu I was on (but that menu isn't active so it feels as if the app froze unless you check the screen). If I actively flip pages I can start it again but the images choke it up. Since they aren't selectable (no alt text) it tries to read the menu underneath causing the problem above.

    I am sighted so this isn't really a complaint or request but it's worth considering in later versions

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    @Jyuichi After doing a little research I see there is a cross platform TTS library out there for react, although it is very simple.

    But using it I could see adding in voice reading with my own internal commands where I could control it and have it go from page to page automatically. Or even just display each line by itself as it is being spoken.

  • I'd like to join and try it out.
    I pref reading on a tablet anyway.

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    @Jyuichi By the way you can turn pagination off. There is a right arrow in the top menu.

    I do prefer to use Text to Speech with pagination though as it allows me to restart the speech much more quickly.

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    @erictbar actually it's still paginated they are just arranged vertically.
    It's possible to have the scrolling not stop on the page breaks but that wouldn't change the underlying issue with the tts system reading one page at a time because they are all in different Views.

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    @erictbar Also, I've analyzed your crash file: Crash is due to a bug present in React Native versions 0.31-0.35 (our app uses 0.34).
    Upgrading to 0.37 should fix it... Hopefully it doesn't break anything else in the process.

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    I'd love to have a spot for testing the new version too.
    I have multiple devices with different iOS versions to test it if you need.

  • yes please! Having to readjust the text size every session is the main usability I have right now (especially since doing so relocates you in the text)

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    I'd like to join too.

  • @Sam-Pinansky I know I'm going to start being annoying but where the app update on android, my boy??? Any news?

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    @theMario3721 It's actually same with iOS, just that I'm doing beta testing on iOS first. So I'll release both iOS and Android v. 1.1 pretty much together. Android might even be first if their review time is shorter.

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    Not the biggest deal, but since this update adds the feature, I thought I should note it.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Read Part 2 of Mixed Bathing up to 77% on iPhone 7 and close the book.
    2. Switch to iPad Air 2 and read until the end.
    3. Exit book on iPad
    4. The percent noted next to the book stays at 77%
    5. Pressing the back button and returning to the series page brings it back to 100%

    Note that I am now running the iOS 10.2 Public Beta 3 on both devices.

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