IsekaiMaou/How NOT to summon a demon lord anime announced!

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    @catstorm and worldwide stream minus Asia on Crunchyroll!

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    I just saw the first episode. I would say it was pretty well done, and had almost no CG, which gives it above average animation in my eyes.

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    I just finished watching Episode 1. I'm happy. Only detractor was that massive text dump about Starfall Tower. This should be a fun one.

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    I enjoyed it, first episode was good. The handling of Diablo's dual nature is pretty good. Other than that huge text dump, the glossed over some of the world building though, or am I misremembering things again?

  • @flarecde I believe they didn't include him first figuring out how to use magic by demonstrating an explosion to Shera and Rem. They also haven't shown his confusion on how summoners are good and elemental sorcerers were bad in this world (yet?). I think they did miss quite a few tidbits of worldbuilding, but all in all it wasn't bad for an adaptation.

  • I imagined the bed to be significantly larger...

    Also Celestine looks absolutely nothing like I imagined, in fact she looks a little skanky

    Also the pacing of the anime was....interesting to say the least.

    And in the book Rem was my favorite but in the anime so far I like Shera she got some good assets

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    I didn't think the pacing was too bad? A little fast, maybe.

    Celestine was definitely... weird looking.

    I'm curious to see how they handle the more risque scenes, this series if definitely one of the "dirtiest" I've read.

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    I hereby declare that Celestine is Old Michael Jackson, or Ol' MJ for short. That's what she looks like, anyway, a 70-year-old Michael Jackson.

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    I worry that the anime has its priorities wrong

    1. draw boobs
    2. draw bouncing boobs
    3. story draw squishy boobs

    I really liked to novels so maybe I just need to summon my inner 14 year old and see where it goes.

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    @chris-hyde to be fair, a LOT of the MC’s attention in the novel was captivated by Shera’s boobs. So they’re kinda faithful to the source in that regard.

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    They do seem to put themselves forward don't they.

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    I'm liking it so far. Lot's of fan service service, much more than I can recall from the first volume so hopefully that gets toned down a tad bit to make room for the plot. I am worried about how much less detail there is in the anime, though. We don't get him experimenting with his spells, or interacting with the guard, or the suspicious gazes from the townsfolks when they notice Rem and Shera's enslavement collars. Also one minor worry is an image from the credits looks almost exactly like one of the illustrations in volume 9 although I strongly doubt they'll rush the plot that horribly fast.

  • well, that was, actually decent!

    I mean, yeah, they skipped a lot, but throughout the years I've learned to judge adaptations as stand-alone products, and it didn't feel that rushed despite all the parts it skipped. I'm guessing we'll get the infodump about Summoners > Sorcerers in that world in the next episode during the fight with the elves.

    The focus on Shera's boobs was quite high, but then again, this is a series told in first person by a teenager. It kind of makes sense. I feel like they nailed Diablo's inner conflicts, and that's what I was most worried about, since it's what I like the most about this series.

  • I rewatched episode 1 and after a second time I have to say the dinner scene was the best scene and that is 100% because of Shera. I am not talking about the whole booby monster aspect just that what she was doing and all is what sold the scene to me.

    Also Celestine’s character appearance makes me question who approved that character design...

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    The adaptation was much better than I expected. As expected from a new animation studio. The first work will almost always be not bad.

    I really like how the anime showed the random NPCs doing their thing. Ever since I watched Re: Zero, I've been captivated with the way a fantasy anime portray regular people.

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    Just watched episode 2 and I'm in tears from laughing so hard. They nailed it.

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    Man this is a great adaptation.

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    Haha, I had some time and checked both episodes. I certainly can't say it's boring :-P

    They totally skipped the guild encounter with Emile in episode 2 though... And I have to agree that Celes looks really weird compared to the other characters.

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    @terabyte Was that during their first trip to the guild?

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    @paul-nebeling Yeah, it was during their first trip if I recall right. It should be chapter 2 of volume 1. In that scene they also explained they got the collars on themselves and they are not slaves, but that whole part has been skipped also in episode 1 when they return to the city, or rather the whole return trip got totally cut.

    Considering that they are adapting only the first 3 volumes into 12(?) episodes, I think they have cut quite a bit more than I expected so far. Unless there are less episodes...