If You Find An Author / Director is Morally Corrupt, Do You Still Continue Buying / Watching Their Work?

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    The creator could be a saint or a cold-blooded murderer, I honestly couldn't care less. If I find their work interesting, I'm gonna watch/read it.

    Also, I've never read/watched Rurouni Kenshin. But I'll be damned if I judge a guy on what he nuts to. It sure ain't my kink, but I won't deny him his.
    His only crime was possession of illegal materials (which are now confiscated).

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    @doublemangekyo The challenge with the Kenshin guy is that it’s buyers of such materials that allow those materials to exist to the extent that they do. What he was into isn’t just a kink, it’s abuse. Dude had hundreds of DVDs of upper level grade school girls, there’s no way those were made in a way that was consensual. We are talking real abuse on real people who aren’t of the age to say no in a strong way and this is done for money, pure and simple. That sort of abuse can scar a real human and make their entire life a lot harder. You cut off the money and there will be less abuse happening.

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    possession of illegal materials may have been the charge (IANAL- not familiar w/ child pornography laws in Japan) if he was in USA would be doing some jail time. Possession means he most likely bought it which means he supported whomever exploited those kids. (That makes him an evil doer by my standards)
    if there is such a thing a cosmic justice - I hope he gets some.

    knowing what I know now - I'd go out of my way not to support that author, and how can I not be squicked out by anything that might even be a little "squicky" (I wouldn't be able to not read 'tone' into the work. Stuff that might've been innocent or I would normally write off as translation/cultural differences, I'll read as intended to be evil)


    that being said - it isn't practical to do a background check on the creators of every work out there- screen/sift through a moral filter - I'll trust *JNC to do that for me *. It is unrealistic for me to expect everyone else to have the same settings on their "morality meter' as I do, but I trust legitimate business outlets to not permit the truly reprehensible stuff (and I trust them to not do business with truly reprehensible people)

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    @jon-mitchell Absolutely , I’d never do a background check on authors to make sure they are up to my personal morality - that’s untenable. I do indeed trust the companies to dissociate with extreme examples (like Kenshin Dude) and would be disappointed if they didn’t, especially after the press it got. I can’t imagine Crunchy will ever put money into a show directed by Nazi sympathizer guy either.

    My response above was just to the guy claiming child porn is nothing more than a harmless kink. I’ve read a fair amount about human trafficking and have a student who is a lawyer in that field and it makes my skin crawl the way it ruins so many many lives.

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    This is complicated for me. Today, I wore shoes made by slaves (Nike and Dunhill), I eat food that was made by exploitative labor (Tyson chicken, strawberries, potatoes), and listened to music made by a virulent anti-Semite (Wagner) while in the elevator to the building was made by the same company who built the Nazi death (not just concentration) camps (ThyssenKrupp). I got into a government car made by THE American Nazi company (Ford) and was driven to the hotel that is built over a African American pauper graveyard (Fairfax at Dupont Circle).

    I say this, because at some level, it is very difficult to avoid some of these matters when experiencing daily life. Even when I have a choice, I do like American chicken, Das Rheingold, and the luxury of the Fairfax that unless someone reminds me of those other matters, I don't think about it. I view the matter as a Crito argument matter (I choose to live here, and thus am subject to the laws and customs here, even when here is unjust or I disagree.)

    I guess I draw my line in terms of how much their beliefs permeate their work, and how unavoidable it is in the narrative. I have a hard time reading Gate as I do Battlefield Earth, for the same reasons where the ideology creeps its way into the narrative to an extent that I cannot enjoy it without having to reconcile that belief. But one of my favorite mangas is Tezuka's Adolf, which has some Nazi sympathies and some confrontational aspects of war and racism. For me, it actually makes for a better read to contrast the benefits of Nazism against the devil's due of war and racism as Tezuka makes an compelling narrative that yes, people did benefit from the regime at the cost of even more severe crimes against humanity. It's a complicated read, you might get some different messages from it, but the art is compelling because of the realism.

    There is a significant amount of literary criticism devoted to this, I recommend Walter Benjamin on illumination.

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    Update: MMO Junkie Director no longer will be employed by the parent company.


    "It has come to our attention that a series of Tweets under the handle, @yaginuma_san, apparently made by Mr. Kazuyoshi Yaginuma have included anti-Semitic comments. SIGNAL MD wishes to make it clear that it is strongly opposed to and deprecates anti-Semitism and all forms of racism or discrimination.

    Mr. Yaginuma was director of the anime “Recovery of an MMO Junkie” produced by SIGNAL MD, has never been our company member and is no longer employed by us.

    Assuming the comments which appear under the Twitter handle @yaginuma_san, were indeed made by Mr. Yaginuma, they are not linked to his role as director of “Recovery of an MMO Junkie” and are not supported by SIGNAL MD.

    We will continue to create works that are moving and enjoyable, with the philosophy of giving excitement to many viewers and working to create works that satisfy our clients.

    Thank you for your support and understanding"

  • Well everyone has their own preference but their is a difference between keeping it personal and right out letting everyone know what they support or not. As for the illegal material guy I think people like that should not be supported because that causes harm to the person being exploited for these type of monsters entertainment. Simple if their is no way of making money, no one willing to pay for that type of content it won’t happen in the mass. Sadly there are sick people out there that pay a lot of money for this so there are people with the power to make it happen for the easy income. That’s why I am happy I stayed away from his work even if it was unintentional.

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    Attack On Titan I guess is going through an arc that has some people questioning the author's representation of Jewish analogous characters.

    (Lots of Manga Spoilers for AOT in there apparently, so I haven't read much).


    Apparently the author has a history of apologist style comments on Imperialist Japan too.

    I watched season 1, but haven't touched it beyond that. I'm hoping when the dust settles and the series concludes, I can find out if one can continue reading the story without feeling like you're supporting anything propoganda-esque.

  • I've learned to treat the creator's circumstances and their work as slightly different things that impact each other. It's how I've found H.P. Lovecraft, enjoyed The Shadow over Innsmouth and learned his life circumstances and how he came to write the weird story.

    I've considered that if the author is dead and someone else is benefiting from their work such as an estate, I don't have much of a problem reading it. This changed a little when I became aware of manga such as Manga Kenkanryu and Hinomaru Gaisen Otome. This two comics inspired me to research and make sure I comprehend the nuances of Japanese politics more than read the controversial comics.

    At least I know what those loud blaring vans with the microphones in some anime are related to now.

    I don't think anyone wants to support the official release of the second title I mentioned. But here's some information for that title since I tried to research it. Be careful those with weak heart conditions.