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  • Are there any plans to release the books on Google Play? I don't own a Kindle or any other ebook device and I think the Play Book app is way better than the Kindle app on my phone. I have already purchased some books on Google Play and would like to keep my collection on only one content provider.

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    @Laerte Unfortunately google is not accepting applications for new publishers on its store, and hasn't for more than a year...
    Until that changes the only option would be selling through some 3rd party service like goodreads which would then be a middleman for google play. We will look into that.

  • @Sam-Pinansky I'm sad to hear this, but thanks for the feedback.

  • I'll second this request. Real shame they're not accepting apps for new publishers, because I vastly prefer Play Books to Amazon or other providers when DRM cannot be avoided.

    Suppose I'll have to consider subscribing premium for a month at a time when I want to get a specific ebook so I can download to own and use whatever reader I want.

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