Novel pick-up request for the "YASEI NO LAST BOSS GA ARAWARETA!" Light Novel series

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    I recently came across a very interesting manga and found that it does have a light novel series attached and was wondering if it would be possible to pick it up. As far as I can tell it is not licensed by anyone so I guess there may be a possibility. I know that you must get these requests all the time but I have been coming to this site for some time and it kind of seems right along the lines of the type of genre that you take on to translate so I am hoping that there may be a chance for this one. Here are the titles...


    Like I said, it is right in line with the type of genre that you generally take on so if you could give it some consideration I would greatly appreciate it. I think that your readers might really enjoy this title as the story seems to be pretty solid. So if there is any way or not thanks in advance for the consideration. Thanks.

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    The Publisher is "Syosetu" (Infinite Dendrogram), so I think that J-Novel Club could acquire the license.

    I only read the manga and I liked the story. If JNC licensed the Light Novel, I would definitely buy the Premium Ebook.

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    Syosetu isn't a publisher, but a web platform for posting web novels. If J-Novel Club wants to license it, they have to deal with Earth Star Entertainment. Same publisher as Walking My Second Path in Life. Infinite Dendrogram is Hobby Japan.

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    Lol, I just posted about this one too (since people were talking about Gender Bender... I believe the main character is a dude who becomes his avatar?). I think it's the same title at least.

    I don't really want to read any synopsis stuff myself (I try to stay as in the dark as I can until I read the book), but if you can pitch it with what you know and have read and enjoyed, it sounds like Sam would prefer that type of illuminating novel request post.

    This novel has 7 volumes. I believe it is still ongoing. Here's the Bookwalker link:

    I did look at the synopsis at one point, and it kind of delves into details about the female Avatar's history (she's, like,

    I don't remember clearly, and I don't really want to remember too much, lol; I assume a lot of this was just what the male Main Character came up with for her in game description?)

    @aruseus493 said in Novel pick-up request for the "YASEI NO LAST BOSS GA ARAWARETA!" Light Novel series:

    Same publisher as Walking My Second Path in Life.

    Oh, so it's possible. Always nice to know. =]

  • If I remember correctly, it's got a similar premise to IsekaiMaou.

  • Sounds interesting. Haven't read a plot of the mc being reincarnated/transformed into the opposite gender yet.

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    Guess I'll describe the series since I read the manga adaptation being fan-scanlated.

    Yasei no Last Boss is about Lufasu (Protaognist's Character Name). In the game Exgate Online, players can wage war and conquer territory. The protagonist is one such player that has done so well for himself that he conquered all available territory with his Angel-Character. (Conquered the world) In the game, the developers use a system which picks up player actions and eventually incorporates them into the world history as events and short stories. With a world that's been united, it can lead to stagnation and boring new players. So the protagonist and a bunch of other higher ranked players get together and start their own event where "7 Heroes" overthrow the Protagonist's rule. After the story was finished and his character was "sealed", his login page changes and when he accepts an invitation, he's transported into a world based off the game and its history many years later. Now he is the character he played as in a world which has looked at the history of his uniting the world in their own ways. As the Demon Races are active, the protagonist goes on a journey to find all of his servants and to potentially find someone else that is a player in this world.

    The protagonist's character Lufasu is a Demon Lord kind of character in history of this world. Or more like a great ruler. So the protagonist is genderbent into playing as his overpowered character in this world.

    Similar series:

    • Log Horizon - Player Actions have long since been accepted into the history of the world.
    • How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord - A world based off the game, except with a history without any players.
    • She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man - Pretty much exactly same setting of player actions influencing history of the world. Only real difference is how there are many players in Wise Man.

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    Do you know if the blue haired girl learns that the blonde was a man (and does this happen early on)?

    @aruseus493 said in Novel pick-up request for the "YASEI NO LAST BOSS GA ARAWARETA!" Light Novel series:

    @terrence Not really. MC is pretty much just fully committed to playing as his character.

    Dang, I don't know if I like that, but good to know.

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    @terrence Not really. MC is pretty much just fully committed to playing as his character.

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    So not too dissimilar to Overlord or How Not to Summon in that the MC sees himself as a male human, but he plays the female role for others to see him as? I can see how this could go bad (invited to an Onsen; sleeping quarters). Of course, I had machinations about Vending Machine playing up the lewd, and those turned out wrong for the most part (and that has a pretty good representation of someone reincarnated accepting they are no longer a male human, and that their male urges are dead; maybe we'll see something like that here).

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    @terrence There's been no real ecchi in the manga. Not even a bath scene as far as I can remember. So I don't think it's a problem in the series.

  • Not to burst @Terrence's bubble, but, based on the manga adaptation so far, I'm pretty sure that

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    I've read both the manga and the currently available WN translation, I'd describe the series more as "Overlord meets The New Gate". I'd also absolutely love for this series to get licensed, it's right up my alley.

    I don't think there's that many parallels to Isekai Maou, the protagonist of Last Boss is way more overpowered than Diablo, and she isn't transported into a completely unfamiliar world: it really is the world of the game she's familiar with, just 200 years later. It's far more like The New Gate in that respect. Unlike Diablo, she also isn't a fake. She really did conquer the entire world (albeit as a game character) and remembers doing it, her stats really are so absurdly high that the world's demon lord is considered a chump in comparison (hence why other players considered her the REAL last boss instead of the demon lord), and she is not pretending to be anything she isn't. Many of the characters that she interacts with either know who she is, or might recognize her if she wasn't in disguise.

    In terms of the genderbend, despite a male player getting isekai'd into a super beautiful female body, the male/female thing surprisingly hasn't really come up yet in the manga or currently translated WN. The protagonist is pretty comfortable as his character since he created/designed her and played as her for so many years. The story takes itself somewhat seriously such that an onsen wouldn't really fit, and the protagonist is currently focused on getting herself acquainted with the current world situation, learning about how history remembers her, and trying to gather her scattered familiars.

    @myskaros I'm not sure how accurate this is, but I saw some spoilery comments on the subject, and without getting specific,

  • @guspaz said in Novel pick-up request for the "YASEI NO LAST BOSS GA ARAWARETA!" Light Novel series:

    and she isn't transported into a completely unfamiliar world: it really is the world of the game she's familiar with, just 200 years later

    This is exactly what happened in IsekaiMaou. He's in the world of the game, just based in reality.

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    Right, but the protagonist of Isekai Maou is basically a fake, both in terms of what he is, and in terms of his personality. Neither is particularly the case for the protagonist of Last Boss. Also, the world that Diablo gets sent to is only very loosely based on the game, while the world of Last Boss is quite directly copied from the game (much closer to The New Gate).

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    I swear every time I see someone say Isekai Maou, I have to double take and make sure they didn’t say Isekai Mahou, and vice versa lol.

  • It sounds interesting, i have been enjoying isekai Maou greatly and the only place i get let down is with Diablo when he opens his mouth.

    So a story with a similar but slightly varied premise and an MC who is not.... sounds like something i can greatly enjoy.

    If JNC licenses it i will certainly give it my attention.

    Plus the covers look great!!

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    Shurim has translated a few of the web novel chapters (14 chapters, IIRC?), and IIRC the quality was decent, so you can take a look at that to get a feel for the story.

  • Ah I would love to see this translated. I've read the Manga and part of the translated WN online and its really good!
    Best is that he isn't a pervert and just accepts that he is now his chara (as a female) :)
    Story is good too ^_^

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    The manga is intriguing and I'd love to know how exactly this plays out. It has my vote.