Novel pick-up request for the "YASEI NO LAST BOSS GA ARAWARETA!" Light Novel series

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    Re: Novel pick-up requests

    I recently came across a very interesting manga and found that it does have a light novel series attached and was wondering if it would be possible to pick it up. As far as I can tell it is not licensed by anyone so I guess there may be a possibility. I know that you must get these requests all the time but I have been coming to this site for some time and it kind of seems right along the lines of the type of genre that you take on to translate so I am hoping that there may be a chance for this one. Here are the titles...


    Like I said, it is right in line with the type of genre that you generally take on so if you could give it some consideration I would greatly appreciate it. I think that your readers might really enjoy this title as the story seems to be pretty solid. So if there is any way or not thanks in advance for the consideration. Thanks.

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