What would your power be if you were "Isekaied"

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    Basically, if you were transported into another world what would your power be?

    @Terrence beat me to the punch in a similar topic (but different hence this topic) so this is a copy/paste I wrote in his:
    if I was "Isekaied," then it would be; the power of plot convenience. if I need/want to talk to a certain guy then it turns out that he is just right there, if I need an antidote for some venom then it turns out there is the antidote just lying there, If I am stabbed it turns out I had a book or pocket watch blocking that stab.

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    Immortality. It would help obviously to defeat any enemy, but I really just want to be able to see the end of everything and live beyond it. I want to be able to be conscious forever. Even if the world and everything around it faded, and the universe crumbled, and you had no light to even see your own body, you can still entertain yourself with your thoughts and memories.

    The question is, is my immortality a "Monkey's Paw"? Do I lose my physical body and get uploaded into some machine that has no function of the 5 senses, and I go insane since I can't even process thoughts into anything besides code I don't know? If I do have my physical body, does it age, do my fingernails and hair grow out to insane lengths (to the point of harming me if I still feel physical pain)? Do I still feel the effects of cold or heat and radiation sickness despite not dying? It could be horrible, lol.

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    @terrence You would probably have a similar life to Subarus except you will not die obviously. You probably will stay young but still feel all the pain you would feel from heat, cold, radiation and since you will be similar to Subaru you will likely get permanent scars and damages too since no one said anything about a healing factor (well you probably will have one but think Deadpool). Maybe someone will try to bury you in concrete, maybe you will become a Trisexual; you will try anything.

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    Can we pick what kind of world we get sent to? If so, I want to go to a sci-fi world and I'd pick the cheat of being a Technopath. :3

    If we're going with fantasy, I'll probably pick something like Teleportation. It would have to be a truly cheat level Teleportation though. Such as not being blocked by magic, and being able to teleport a bunch of stuff with me. Like a full house if I want. Work as a merchant and transport stuff. Set up some secret base somewhere. Probably pull silly shit too. It would also work in combat if I could teleport someone like a mile in the sky and letting them splat.

  • I’d pick the power to nullify anything, let’s say I get stabbed I can nullify the damage dealth or the weapon itself. I now have no offensive power tho unless I use the nullify to get close to my target to hurt them😅. Who’s to say I don’t end up on a peaceful world.

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    What I said in the post was kinda a joke (it would probably already happen to some extent) so here goes. I have narrowed it down to three, I have trouble choosing one:

    Space-Time Manipulation: I could control Time and Space however I want.

    Mental Manipulation: I could control people however I want

    Summoning: Be able to summon anything and anyone from whatever world or dimension, could even summon fictionally or things I made up.

  • I want the most OP skill ever: the looping Slip spell.

    That shit is invincible.

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    I see at least two monkey paws (the first one I forced through). xP

    @drone205 said in What would your power be if you were "Isekaied":

    Space-Time Manipulation: I could control Time and Space however I want.

    Monkeys Paw: Every problem you tackle will lead to one or more worse unforseen problems you must defeat.

    Mental Manipulation: I could control people however I want

    Monkey's Paw: Have you seen Code Geass?

    Summoning: Be able to summon anything and anyone from whatever world or dimension, could even summon fictionally or things I made up.

    Monkeys Paw: The summons have wills of their own and can't be controlled (unless God grants you your second power too).

    Writing the problems into these Isekai scenarios is what makes them fun I think. Otherwise, you're just a boring super OP dude. =]

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    I’d have both immortality and an unlimited library from all ages that I could access at will. My Immortal Life in a Limitless Library, coming soon. There’d be a harem of glasses girls too.

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    @terrence I will counter or change the monkey Paws.

    1)Space-Time manipulation, as you said your monkey paw is pretty forced. It could be that depending on what I am trying to do it takes a lot of concentration or calculations or precision. I would need to know math and science for my power to be more effective. for example, making it so all light photons curve around me so I become invisible but that space where I am might look distorted to ppl looking there.

    2)Mental Manipulation, I can do this to ppl however many time and for however long I wish but there could be a few cons. maybe when I control/manipulate them I have an overload of information that is nauseating and may make me feel sick. If I want to change ppls memories then I will need to relive and change them. If I want ppl to do my bidding then I will need to give them Orders using my Mental Manipulation and I already wrote some cons that may come with that.

    3)Summoning, If I am summoning a person or a creature with a conscious then there will likely be some form of Contract that I can do before or during the summoning (there may also be a slave spell that will be part of the summoning). The summons will have wills of there own if that specific Summon would if I did not but I already said how this could be worked around organically. If I am summoning inanimate objects like a gun then there would not be any problems if I am summoning something I made up then (and this could be true for real things) it could depend on how well I know and can picture the object

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    It's boring and simple, but I've just always wanted to fly. Though powerful telekinesis that could let me sort of fly and do heaps more stuff would be better I guess.

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    Boring and simple: The Ultimate Bath from Mixed Bathing, in its 'advanced' form. Having basically an extradimensional home complete with bathroom, kitchen, and a food source would be sweet. :)

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    @dtta I want to expand on this. Outside of something absurd and stupid and story breaking like having an infinite wishes or whatever, this is one of the best powers you can have.

    It's a small spoiler, but basically the main character of Mixed Bathing can summon a door to a pocket dimension that has a modern Japanese home with limitless running water and a bit of land, maybe an acre. It has other stuff too, but that's the gist of it.

    This is one of the most useful abilities I've seen an isekai, because it negates logistical challenges. For the typical isekai adventure, this means that the party doesn't have to carry any of their supplies or non-essential equipment and can bring more with them. They're also healthier, because they get full nights of comfortable sleep (no keeping watch, always warm and dry), prepare and eat healthier food, drink limitless clean water, and be more sanitary through baths, toilet, dish washer, and laundry. If you had this ability, it's almost impossible for anyone in your party to be at less than 100% at any time during the adventure.

    Here's the best part, it's useful outside of an isekai adventure too. The abilities where you can one shot someone or have an awesome attack power are great in specific contexts, but what if you're not fighting anyone? It's useless. At that point you're just another person unless you go around threatening and killing to get your way.

    This pocket dimension home however is useful in about any circumstance. You have a home, fortress, safe house, storage box, and workshop that goes wherever you do. Imagine how much money you could save if you never had to pay for rent, electricity, water, and heat/cooling.

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    Yup. Plus, stuff taken outside remain. Unless you're in a high-tech world of some sort (unlike many), you can sell the nifty silverware and stuff to get spending money and they'll just reappear when you open the door again.

    It's remarkably versatile for LIVING, and if I had to kill a Demon Lord, pity the poor inhabitants, so it fits. :)

  • if you have ever thought of reality benders from the world of the SCP foundation. I would probably be a Merry Soo
    if you don't know who that is here is a link.

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    Some powers I thought of:

    Stealth - the power to make yourself undetectable to the world around you.

    Dimension - the power to create your own personal dimension.

    foresight - the ability to see future and past of items and people.

    Truth - the ability to discern truth from fiction.

    Status check - the ability to check information on items and people.

    Steal - Kazuma's first signature move.

    Spirit - the ability to make your body go into spirit mode, can possess and do ghost things.

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    Hmm, personally I'd like something weird like "To never get tired out or out of breath." Like, I can run (away from a monster) at my full pace and never suffer from heavy breathing and tired muscles and can continually do it. Swing a sword around and my arms never get sore and never sweat heavily or collapse to over exhaustion. My main worry when facing a group of enemies is them actually hitting me with magic and swords and not me losing my breath and getting hit while I have to slow up because I'm tired.

    I mean its got tons of weakness to it and its certainly not an "ultimate cheat" but it would be nice to have a life where you don't suffer from muscle aches and pains and after running your lungs don't feel like they're on fire.

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    I was thinking earlier, I'd love to have the ability to translate anything visually to English on the fly. Be great for Let's Play Visual Novel purposes.

    Of course, we can almost do this with machine translation...


    Google: "A famous master painter who was told to bring him absolutely sent me an email, refused at 5 minutes, after all, a woman's original painter who I asked for as a shovel at the shop clerk in the shopkeeper era got sexual harassment from the president"

    ....scratch that. Give me that dang translation ability! (Looks into the power of the Dragon Bal.... Rosetta Stones).

  • Plot armor or conscious probability manipulation. I can alter any probability, including impossible ones like (I want to make it a 100% certainty that I am omnipotent, omniscient, and with an ubermench will to power). Why bother with a Smartphone when the narrative is always on your side?

  • All I want is to be able to cook delicious food and give them stat boosting effects. That way I could rake in the money just by opening my store near the adventurers guild, and still buff myself up into an OP MFer if I ever want to.

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