@rahul-balaggan said in Smartphone Vol. 19? are we not getting it: @garyauger1981 Hello! Short answer is V19 came out very recently in Japan so they have to license the volume before they can start translating it, also I will just quote myself from another topic: @rahul-balaggan said in Smartphone Vol. 18: @novelreadingmachine not at this time, it is still TBD. Edit: just wanna point out that V19 came out during 2019 year end, as such there was no way for J-Novel Club to go about licensing it for release, as all the offices are closed. The new year just started so working out contracts to be signed will take time, working out materials to be sent to J-Novel Club will take time, having Part 1 translated and then edited for release will take time. Would be great if it starts this month but it would be more likely for it to start next month at the earliest.