Volume 3, Part 10:

[34%] "Woe was me." (2 uses) ► isn't the saying "Woe is me."? [62%] "Very well, Lady Iris. We'll all go there together!" ► Hmm, this is just conjecture, but shouldn't this be directed to Werra, not Iris? Though I have no idea what the original text says, this sentence just seems off in context when the last thing Werra said (which was "Not at all! Not at all! We would love to have you accompany us!") was to try to convince Iris to go with them and then Werra speaks again and says the line in question to Iris, which feels like a line that Iris should have been saying to Werra. Though, I guess there could be some unspecified conversation going on in the inner dialogue between these two lines.