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    I'm having a recurring issue with the novel reader on the website.

    The last page of a part gets skipped over when I tap for the next page and I get the interstitial page that prompts me to go read the next part instead...

    I was able to replicate the issue on Elf Bride volume 7 part 7, I reached the end after reading of 95% the part. Since it ended oddly, I tapped the left arrow to go back two pages and the right button to go forward one page. It showed 92% and 96% respectively. (Font family and don't sizes were consistent throughout the experience.)

    I'm currently reading on a Kindle Fire HD 10 and the Brave Browser version 1.1.2 (Chromium version 75.0.3770.143).

    Although the example I gave was for Elf Bride volume 7 part 7, I was able to replicate this problem on all Elf Bride volume 7 parts with the exception of part 8 (the last two pages for it are at 91% and 95%).

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    Maou-sama retry! I can't access part 8, it says "You've found the Not Found page! That's some talent you've got!"

  • @rin-ryuren

    It’s still the middle of the night for people working at JNC but it has been reported, it should be corrected soon.

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    Amagi Brilliant Park: Volume 7 isn't available to download, I get an error 500:

    "ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/home/deploy/ebooks/amagi-brilliant-park-volume-7.epub'"

    I pre-purchased with a premium credit.

  • @crispy_steak

    It has been fixed, you can download it now.

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    {"error":{"name":"Error","status":500,"message":"ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/home/deploy/ebooks/otherside-picnic-volume-1.epub'","errno":-2,"code":"ENOENT","syscall":"open","path":"/home/deploy/ebooks/otherside-picnic-volume-1.epub"}}

    It broke

  • Minimum username length is inconsistent across the site. The registration page specifies: "Must be 3 characters or more," while the profile page says "Must be 4 characters or more."
    I'm just trying to change my email address, not my username. It seems wrong for the submission form on the profile page to error out about an already registered account.