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  • @shrike_al Finally we are starting to get some answers...

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    Well, we know a lot more than we did before, but we still don't know the origin of APE or Papa. Judging from the flashback, We know where some of Zero Two's genetic material came from. The question we (me and my son) were wondering was where did the remainder come from? I'm rather perversely thinking that Dr. Frank used his late fiancee's genetics. In an equally perverse line of thinking, my done thinks Hiro is a clone of Dr. Frank.

    Following Hiro's rebellious statement, I'm seeing Squad 13 getting sent on a suicide mission. Maybe to take out the Klaxosaur Princess, which will probably result in some major fireworks when she meets Zero Two. All the death flags got run up the poles. Here's what I'm thinking... (excuse any misspellings)

    • Ikano and Fujito are going to die
    • Zorome and Miku will also die
    • Mitsuru will die, but Kokomo will live - and be pregnant
    • Ichego and Goro will live
    • Hiro and Zero Two we disagreed on

    My initial thought was that either both would survive or both would die. My son thought Hiro would die. I changed my thinking to Zero Two dying with Hiro ending up at the Klaxosaur Princess' side. Her decision, not his.

    We shall see...

  • @paul-nebeling I agree with all but the last. I feel like anything can happen to those two. I don’t know why but I feel like Hiro might turn like the princess if something helplessly bad is happening. Which will interest the princess.

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    I get the feeling we'll get something like the NGE TV series ending. Something abrupt, yet happy and conclusive. But maybe I'm feeling this way because I just finished Animegataris.

    Whatever the ending will be, the writers have delivered some really good twists.

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    @hyferzftw I'm not liking that last one either. I would much rather have Hiro and Zero Two together. I'm just thinking that if something were to happen to Zero Two, things will happen where the princess will put Hiro by her side. I can't figure out the details of how or why, but I just have this feeling that that's how it will turn out.

  • @paul-nebeling well what we got from the most recent episode is that Zero Two might be related to the princess even if she is a clone. So I can see why what you are predicting might actually happen.

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    I'm hoping squad 13 side with the princess & they all go ape on APE & free whatever is left of humanity (other Parasites seeing as the "adults" are all borked).

    We still don't really know what the Klaxosaurs are. Ancient underground... did it say society or species or what? They could have been wrong about their origin anyway I suppose.

    This ep's flashback montageish backstory for Franxx reminded me of the Simon/Ice King backstory ep in Adventure Time, is it just me?

    Also his GF/wife dying in the Franxx test was very Yui Ikari-ish.

  • @smashman42 that would lead to a good ending... so it probably won’t happen XD.

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    You know, I've been curious. Are ALL of you actually expecting a sad ending from this series? I can sorta understand with all the death flags they've been giving. But they've really been subverting our expectations so far.

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    @shrike_al I'm not sure what happy ending there even could be other than a bunch of children who can barely care for themselves struggling to survive in a basically dead world. And that's even assuming they can even actually survive and won't just die without treatment.

    I mean seriously, none of them know anything, they aren't super geniuses, the world itself seems pretty destroyed with maybe some habitable parts left, but it's all gone wild and they've never had to truly fend for themselves. I guess that one episode showed they probably could deal with it, but it'd be extremely rough.

    So if we're rooting for APE to get its butt kicked, the klaxxosaurs to return underground, and like, the parasites to be free, you're basically rooting for a "and then a couple kids repopulated the earth and civilization basically returned to the stone age" ending which is hardly what I'd call happy, even if mostly everyone survived.

    The only true happy ending would be like, Papa realizing that he was wrong and that the true path is humans and klaxaurs gettin' it on and all the parasites go for a summer camp in the great crevice and hook up with cute klaxaur babes, meanwhile all the remaining adults throw off their immortality brainwashing devices and have a dance party 'till they croak.

    But I don't think that'll happen either.

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    The chances of a truly "happy end" to this anime look really slim. This is looking like Mirai Nikki will have a more cheerful ending. Papa and APE are looking more like the villian of this show with each episode.

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    Could the doctor replace Papa and reform their civilisation & make peace with Klaxo-Queen?

    Nar, this ain't a self-insert isekai, it won't happen. If anything the doctor rigs it so the Klaxosaurs win & at best the queen keeps the kids as pets.

  • For me a right ending would be for Hiro and Zero Two to stay together and not get separated. I can see a duo survive in the wild but not a group. It’ll become complicated. So if the other characters were separated whether by death or by will I wouldn’t really care that much. I guess that’s a bit mean tho.

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    @smashman42 Of the ten members of Squad 13, I see no more than five, probably less, surviving, but the ones that do will probably be staying with the Princess.

    @Hyferzftw I think the magma mining has disrupted the ecology to where the surface isn't habitable. I think that was APE's plan from the beginning. I don't think anyone, even Hiro and Zero Two could survive on the surface long-term. Yes, there are abandoned cities, but I don't think you could live in them.

  • As many Evangelion allusions as this series seems to have, I sure hope we don't end up with an ending that was similar. No telling where this thing is going to go.

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    Ok. Just finished watching Episode 20 and what the hell is going on? Things are looking grim. It looks like APE really are the bad guys. What's gonna happen next?

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    Okay. Kokoro is

    That's the only thing that's clear.


    alt text

    From my understanding, a couple of the APE members have been hijacked by them. The rest just suddenly died.

    Basically, it suddenly became an invasion story. Also, a race to chase an ancient weapon? This ancient weapon plot thread was the reason why Strelizia is so important.

    To be honest, the story jumped around a bit, but I'm still impressed by how well they delivered it. They really did went with the Evangelion direction.

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    @shrike_al Oh yeah. When the story went all Independence Day, I totally forgot about that. I'd wonder what nefarious deed Papa would come up with, but

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    @paul-nebeling It was weird though.

    So basically, instead of for the sake of humanity, Papa and the APE board has been working for the alien's agenda all along. At least, that's how I see it.

    BTW, I just realized that Hiro is currently playing the role of the damsel, while Zero Two being the potential savior. This kinda makes me wonder about Hiro's traits as the main character.

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    @shrike_al Yeah, I got a definite traitor feeling about Papa. Don't think the weapon was set to explode, but definitely to shut down and immobilize the Princess.

    Hiro definitely is out of the action right now, but I'm not sure if he's quite a damsel in distress. I think there's going to be some interaction between him and the Princess that's going to be critical. Zero Two will be fighting her way back to Hiro's side, but I'm not sure if she will survive or not. BTW, why is her blood red now?

    All of the other parasites must be aware there's something wrong going on. I think we're going to see a fight between the Alphas and everyone else.

    Four more episodes. Anything can happen.

    End screen prediction: (Kind of spoilery)

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