Tracking Part Progress and Notifications for Series

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    Just some suggestions that could help with QoL:

    On the app you can see what parts you have read and the percentage you are though them. Would it be possible to add this in the web version? It isn't always clear which part one has left off on reading on the web version compared to it being very easy to see on the phone app.

    Other suggestion is would it be possible to subscribe to a series for updates? It would be nice to select the few series that one is actively following and reading as more prepub parts are coming out, and to get a little notification that a new part is out without have to check the release schedule or check the series to see if a new part has been released.

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    @bananahead4 One of the feature additions I definitely want to add to the website is a listing on your account page where you can see the % of each part you've read (current and max) and reset them if you wish.

    And subscribing/notifications is also right up there when it comes to feature improvements.

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