Number of parts in a translation

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    I've seen 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, and I seem to recall one volume of Clockwork Planet having 14. With the fairly standard two weeks between volumes, 8 parts gives you about 5 volumes a year and 10 gives you about 4 volumes a year. Both of those are better than YP's fairly standard 3 volumes a year.

    So what does everyone else think is the ideal number of parts in a volume?

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    I like shorter parts, so I guess more parts? Maybe 12.

    I'm listening text to speech in one sitting usually, so some of the longer parts can reach upwards of 2 hours depending on what I set the voice speed to. Like, the final part of "If It's for my Daughter" V5 was huge iirc, and there's been bigger too I think.

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    I think 8-10 parts are good enough, if the LN is extremely long maybe 12. For some shorter LN maybe even 6, I recall Little Apocalypse volumes being quite short, at least the first ones. Those could have easily been 6 parts if we compare the length to something like Realist Hero or Isekai Smartphone.

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    I like being able to read more in one sitting, so fewer parts are preferable for me. IsekaiMahou is ideal for me, though I'm aware it's very much an exception due to it already being completely translated prior to being licensed.

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    @terrence I tend to enjoy a lot of LNs in small doses and read a bunch, so I'd go for more parts all of which are shorter too.

  • @myskaros Yeah I love long parts. Feels like you been reading forever only to check and it says 40% . So satisfying xD.

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    I am somewhere in between. For filler I don't mind short parts, for action I would rather it did not stop mid flow, and if I am in the middle of an arc I don't want to wait too long for the next part as then I have to figure out where we left off.

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