Kinos' Journey

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    Kino no Tabi

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    Destination is a state of mind. A tale of a person and a bike and the road ahead. Kino wanders around the world on the back of Hermes – an unusual, talking, anthropomorphic motorcycle – only staying in each country for three days.

    During their adventures, they find happiness, sadness, pain, decadence, violence, beauty, and wisdom. But through it all, they never lose their sense of freedom. They discover that because of the world’s imperfections, it is actually a thing of beauty. “The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.”

    (copy Paste from a while back with some edits to make this focus on This One suggestion)
    This is an episodic series so it is great for pre-pubs that get translated weekly. every week can start a story and that story will end in that part. I can understand if for some stories if they are long might end in the next part (which would be a bit disappointing) but it would still be great for JNC, some parts might even get 2 stories if they are short. This would be the same appeal as Serialized shorts like Sherlock Holmes, except of getting 15 Pages worth (using Penguins publication as base) per month, we get a short story per week. I would not even care if the parts for these are sporadic if it means we get 1 story per part (Like if we get 6 parts for one book then 9 parts for the next book cuz that book has 9 stories over the other that had 6 stories). though I know Kino's Journey was Licenced in the past so it may be a little difficult but I still want it.

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    Vertical Comics just announced that they got the manga, means there's a nonzero chance they might be working on the light novels as well.

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    This would be awesome

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    For those who may want something so you can judge this one in some way, there is an Anime from 2003 and the new anime from 2017. the Author also Wrote SAO Alt: GGO, which has an Anime adaption and we are getting the LN from Yen On.

    And Boy I really wish this is "A license 'rescue'" from the LN announcement Hints.

  • I want these to get licensed so badly! Please make it happen with the new Kadokawa deal, I feel like you guys are my only hope to ever see this translated!

  • Well We got mongatari series in english which is from 2007,then we have ZAregoto series in english(just 2 volumes for now) which is from 2002 and toradora in english from 2006, these titles are decade old and polular ones monogatari series is still running so why Kino no Tabi woudn´t get licenced? I would be shocked if some company is overlooking this masterpiece!!!!

  • @theredjet
    The main difference is Monogatari has huge fandom and ongoing anime (Kizu was licensed at the time of the US' 1st Kizu movie release.)

    Zaregoto was licensed cuz of success of Monogatari (same can be said about Katanagatari and Juni Taisen) and the new anime.

    Kino's a title that was licensed before, its fandom ain't as big and loud as other fandoms either.
    (Well, in this new state of the market, if your fandom is loud enough as Mushoku Tensei, you can get anything lol)

  • @bloodygaikotsu it was licenced in a bad time where light novels weren´t that popular and now is the opposite they are popular so now it could be a great time to bring us this series

  • @theredjet
    You're misunderstanding smth.
    Yeah, the market was unstable back then but that doesn't mean it has to be the sole reason for every lost license.

    What assures it to the company that it wouldn't have been a flop whatever the market state is.
    I am just saying that it ain't as easy as u think...

  • Please someone just license this already. ;_;

  • Now that I look at Japanese Kino no Tabi I see that the Volumes are very short like 260 pages,240 pages and even 1 volumes have 208 pages and if that many pages are translated it could have at least 144 pages if I am not wrong even less :( Well I don´t mind that they are short at least they are very enjoyable and JNC would translated 21 volumes in a FLASH :D

  • Kino the Beautiful World LN's were released in English in the mid 2000's

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    @bravo0723 said in Kinos' Journey:

    Kino the Beautiful World LN's were released in English in the mid 2000's

    No, only the first volume was released by TokyoPop, back in 2006. Aaand they rearranged the chapters to put them all in chronological order.

    All in all, it's better we pretend that release never happened...

  • @korppi yeah Tokyopop screw up Kino´s Journey with rearanging chapter and making their own cover and the color pages weren´t even included there and because of this all Japanese Publisher was pretty angry with it and since then we have nothing because of Tokyopop

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    This post is deleted!

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    alt text

  • @rahul-balaggan That's depressing to hear but hey hey at least we have Majo no Tabitabi as an Alternative....

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    @rahul-balaggan said in Kinos' Journey:

    alt text

    Anyone know the reason for this?

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    @yumenokage most likely has something to do with this:
    alt text

  • @rahul-balaggan

    I think when he said "come and gone", he was referring to the anime.
    All these old stuff coming back usually have a new upcoming anime, cuz marketing a novel series by a new ongoing (or recently finished) anime is the easiest marketing scheme for these titles

    FMP anime just ended last summer
    Kino, that was in 2017 (Too long has passed)

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