Jaku Chara Tomozaki-kun

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    Jaku Chara Tomozaki-kun (Trash-tier Character Tomozaki-kun)

    Publisher: Gagaga Bunko (Shogakukan)

    Life is a bad video game. This cliche phrase is, sadly, a reality.

    However, life doesn't have simple, easy rules. What it does have is irrationality and inequality. The strong say that they have a lot of freedom, but the weak have no choice but to live an overwhelmingly disadvantaged lifestyle. Therefore, it's a bad game. There's no mistake because I, the best gamer in Japan, declare it.

    However, some person, who is on the same level as me, goes around saying "Life is a great game." The school's perfect, strong-willed heroine, Hinami Aoi. Furthermore, she says "I'll teach you the rules of life's game." Normally, I wouldn't believe in those words. However, Hinami Aoi is a character that doesn't even fit in a normal frame at all!

    (Source: Novel Updates)

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    I was going to recommend this last night, but I figured someone has to have it covered. Yeah, I'd like this.

    Iirc, this is the one with the guy who thinks life is a bad game, but a female gamer in the school is going to show him that life is a good game if you know how to work it. I don't know too much about it, so I know I wouldn't have much to add info wise, but yeah, seems Slice of Life / HS romance focused, which we could use.

    Reading Strongest Gamer's opening focused on the philosophy of treating life as a rogue-like video game got me thinking about this again.

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    I like this story because, given the premise, it would be really easy to fall back on the trope of "treat life as a visual novel!", but they really do approach socializing from more of a lifehack perspective than a gaming perspective. There's one thing I was less a fan of, but depending on how it plays out it might be handled better than it looks on the surface (I'm following the manga adaptation, so I don't know how it'll unravel yet).

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    It’s a cute premise and I’m down for SoL material so upvoted it is!