Life is just too sadistic... So are release schedules.

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    So I found a new YAY! series for myself; So I’m a Spider, So What?
    I have finished the first two volumes...
    Why must fate be so cruel?

    And that is where this post comes in. Are there any others who feel a tad upset about how they pretty much end up ‘book blocked’ if you get the pun?

    Not necessarily just SIaS or light novels... let’s just open this up to being about the pop culture drought we are currently in eh?

    Oh, found another few series that are waiting until the end of July to release. NGNL V7 for starters, and that’s more if it doesn’t get pushed back again... Seriously, It’s been a year since the english release was supposed to be done... did the translation file get deleted during a drunken night out or something?

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    Isn't it kinda like that for many yenpress novels? Lately there are many release changes. The most frustrating thing for me is that I get all physical novels even later because shipping to european shops takes time to. So I get them mostly three to eigth weeks later than the american release.

    Btw I'm a huge spider lover. I read the first volume of the manga a long while ago and was really happy when yp anounced the novel. I completed each novel on the day of arrival ;)

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    If you're so curious about the story, some fans have translated the WN version of the Spider quite far. Although I have to admit, I was surprised by how much the LN improved the story. So it's normal to become hesitant to then read the WN.

  • Thank goodness JNC has that fast translation schedule.

  • @shrike_al indeed, the LN is a HUGE improvement over the WN.

    SIAS is not on delay hell though, vol. 2 was just released on March, so a July release is pretty much normal schedule for YP. NGNL on the other hand... I don't even want to comment, I already cancelled my pre-order.