New Pokemon Game: You Choosing Pikachu or Eevee?

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    I'm torn. I love Pikachu.. but I usually picked a water starter back in the day. If Eevee can evolve into Vaporeon, my decision is easy.

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    Apparently it's not the core game they promised as that's coming 2019. I'm still on the fence on whether I'll get it or not. If I do though, I'd probably end up always playing with two controllers and both sides Eevee for the sake of mimicing Pokemon Colosseum which was my favorite Pokemon game.

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    Wait there is now an Eevee version, Well looks like I need to get the Switch.

    I love the fact they brought back that a pokemon in your party can follow you around now. Besides pikachu / eevee, I never understood why that features was removed after Gold & Silver.

    Yay, I can move my shinny charmander from go in to it, so i don't really care if they add the starters or not, although i would image they would do something like they did with yellow version to make it easier for people to get all the starters.

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    I'm not really into pokemon anymore or anything, but the part about compatibility between the switch and smartphones impressed me. Is this game compatible with Pokemon Go? Like, if I catch a pokemon in that I can port it over to the switch game?

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    Yeah, that's what it looks like from the trailer. There's some restrictions (they have to be among the original 151 Pokemon, and some evolutions I think don't port?).

  • I loved starting out with an Eevee back in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness. My Umbreon never let me down.

    That said, as far as Pokemon games are concerned, these days I just watch chuggaaconroy LPs.

  • If I'll get it, definitively Eevee. Personally I don't really like Pikachu xD
    It's interesting that one can connect to GO - and even transfer from it, but Its just sad that you only fight trainers and no wild pokemon - you can only catch these....
    The next thing is that there are only 151 Pokémon with a few Alola forms and 1 completely new Pokémon... :/ Why not include them in the after-story?

    What I really like is that your starter is on your shoulder/on top of your head. It seems that other pokemon walk around too, which is cool!
    And it is possible to play together on one console! And walk around ingame :)

    @Aruseus493 I think there won't be much double Battles unless there is someone you play with (it is possible to play it together)
    But It would be cool to have another chance with espeon and umbreon ;)

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