Kid/Family content that Adults/Mature Audiences can enjoy

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    Anything that is made For kids but a mature audience can enjoy. You can name anything from cartoons to live action to books, as long as it was made for kids but older people can enjoy and why. I am not necessarily talking about an adult joke in a kids show. It could be that the show does not talk down to their audience or it has some mature themes.

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    For Anime and such I would say Cardcaptor Sakura falls under this category. It certainly is made for children but it has more than enough mature themes and content for adult readers and viewers. Themes of sexual preference are not frontal focus yet they are still there and relationships and feelings of love in general. Each episode like most kids shows has a "lesson" that can work for more than just kids too. The Kid "content" is pretty obvious (though not as obvious as other kids shows where the characters would be like "I learned X today insert joke Hahahaha all characters laugh and credits") but the adult "content" is much more subtle and nuance.

  • @drone205 I remember when I first watched it as a kid. It kind of threw me off when Syaoran acted lovestruck with Yukito, I didn't understand what it was about. It was until waaaaay later, after I learned gay relationships were a thing that it finally clicked and had a good laugh at it.

    Subtext yuri, yaoi and lolicon, all wrapped up in a Mahou-Shoujo-aimed-at-kids package, Card Captor Sakura was/is awesome. Well played, CLAMP.

    Another one I'd say works for both kids an adults is the original Digimon. For a series aimed at kids with merchandising as its main focus, it has a surprisingly great plot with deep themes and allegories all around.

  • It's a bit famous but
    The Little Prince
    by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

    Styled as a children's book, The Little Prince makes several observations about life and human nature.
    "Grown-ups love figures.
    When you describe a new friend to them, they never ask you about the important things. They never say 'What's his voice like? What are his favourite games? Does he collect butterflies?'
    Instead they demand 'How old is he? How many brothers has he? How much does he weigh? How much does his father earn?' Only then do they feel they know him.
    If you say to the grown-ups: 'I've seen a lovely house made of pink brick, with geraniums in the windows and doves on the rood', they are unable to picture such a house.
    You must say: I saw a house that come a hundred thousand francs.' Then they cry out: 'How pretty!' "

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    Cape High series by R J Ross.

    She definately writes the books a little on the lighter side as far as background issues go. But I do have several friends who have read the books before giving them to their kids and now they follow the series together.

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    One anime kids movie I remember enjoying not too long ago was Arashi no Yoru ni (the 2006 movie not the 2012 show). I recall the animation quality ranging from average to absolutely gorgeous, the story being surprisingly engaging, and the characters being extremely likable

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    The classic anime adaptation of Anne of Green Gables is amazing. I hear Dog of Flanders is wonderful too, but the subtitled non-edited one is only available officially on VHS.

    There’s actually a lot of great classic anime in that vein. Maybe Karate Master too. Though the kids would have to be ok with the older animation.

    I’d also say if the adults like SoL K-On! Sweetness and Lightning and Himouto would work.

    Personally I find Chi’s Sweet Home wonderful but it is definitely more on the childish end of the spectrum so YMMV.

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    I'm finding the Netflix series Trollhunters to be quite good.

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