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    So I found J-novel club about a year ago, and between my kids and I, it's been a mortgage payment or three. Not a complaint, because we're enjoying what we read. But there's a thing...

    So, when an e-book comes out, it's immediately up on Amazon, but we're die-hard Nook users, and my children have been frequently frustrated at the Nook release aspect of it. Is there some schedule we're not aware of where you guys just dump everything you've released already onto the nook? For example, Isekai Smartphone 8 hit Kindle three weeks ago, but it's still not available on Nook.

    Is it like, a 1st of the month and the 15th of the month? Is there a particular reason for the sometimes more than two week difference between releases? Just curious... well, I'm just curious, but I won't deny that having that knowledge will help me fend off my irritable adolescent daughters a little more easily :-)

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    I hope you realize you are missing out on premium short stories that Nook and Amazon don’t have. Just check out this thread and you’ll see what bonuses you’ll get by buying straight from here, including Smartphone bonus short stories, not to mention zero taxes and DRM free:

    Other than that, it seems like Nook is most definitely not their biggest money maker, so it seems like Sam just puts stuff there manually, and I’m not sure why everything there gets there late.

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    @malachy We can't put up preorders on Nook, and like it's been said, sometimes it gets bumped for more pressing issues. Nook is only ~1-2% of all our sales.

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    @sam-pinansky Cool, thanks for the quick reply. I'll pass that along to my kids, too. It was just one of those questions I had, after I picked up one book two days after it was released on Amazon, but (like I said) Smartphone 8 hit Amazon three weeks ago. Curiosity is one of my defining features. And my Dork Tower like collection habit of reading material.

    I recognize that Nook is lower on the overall sales volume, (it was a discussion I had with my publisher some time back) although I would have thought the marketshare percentage was slightly better, since total Nook sales comprise around 28 percent (my own research, supported by my publisher's findings) of the e-book market once you run through the figures and sort out the B.S. that all e-book publishers spin. It's why, despite my own personal attitudes towards Kindle in general, Amazon is the site where I sell most of my own e-books.

    Humorously, given my overall purchases for me and my kids, I might be most of one of those percentages of sales on Nook... which may have just become a new personal goal, lol. Stands all shonen hero like and declaims "I SHALL ATTEMPT TO BOOST THAT NUMBER TO 3 PERCENT!" Not that you guys necessarily have enough material on sale for me to achieve that, but it sounds like fun. I shall inquire about my progress occasionally.

    Thanks for your time.

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    @legitpancake Cool, thanks for the info and the link. I'll check that out as I have time and money.

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    @malachy You can import books you purchase using JNC premium credits onto your Nook.

    But, like I said, you’re getting an incomplete product to an extent if you buy from vendors other than the J-Novel website.

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