Around 40 Eigyou-man, Isekai ni Tatsu!: Megami Power de Jinsei Nidome no Nariagari (41 Year Old Salaryman In A different world! ~ The rising of life for the second time with power of goddess) [Licensed by JNC]

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    Why should JNC pick this up?

    A lot of people have expressed interest in getting a family based LN set in an Isekai. This one involves a whole 5 person family unit. It appears to be a comedy, very light-hearted. There were some funny moments even just reading the prepublication.

    How far are you into this?

    Not far at all. About 3 web novel parts in. I believe there are about 38 web chapter parts on Narou / Syosetu. The last part released in December of 2017, so that may be cause for concern (it starts what would be volume 3 in the published work afaik).


    How does it start?

    This one begins with our main character, a gruff 28 year old man leaving his workplace and meeting a beautiful goddess like woman soaking under the rain. He offers his umbrella and runs away since he thinks she'll be scared of him like all other women he's met, but she follows him home to find a place to stay the night. One thing leads to another... And we time skip about 13 years, and they have 3 grown children.

    So what happens? What's the main story?

    Basically, our hero and his family are unintentionally sent to another world. It's a bit confusing, but it seems there was an accident testing some new transference tech in the other world. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to send them back, so they're stuck here for a year or longer until research can be done. Our hero will have to eek out a living by working in the Isekai, all while protecting his family from the potential dangers as well (danger beasts that look like giant dogs and such). Luckily, he lands near one of the largest cities, so he is off to find work (with doubts about what work an old 41 year old with a mean looking face can expect to find)... And that's as far as I got.

    Who is the summoned Brave among the group?

    None among the human family actually. They're all collateral. The house was the summoned Brave. As such, a goddess blessed the house with incredible defense and potentially some skills. It's yet to be seen if the house gains any sentience, otherwise the translation skill it got is wasted on it. Another lucky break for our heroes, the wife in the family unit is actually a goddess, and she bestowed power on our hero... You know how Link gets power from goddesses in Zelda just by kissing them? Well, what would happen if they did more than kissing... And did that frequently over the course of 13 years... Ummm. xD

    How Ecchi Is this?

    It doesn't seem too bad yet, despite the XX setup I just described above. The intercourse is pretty much "fade to Black... Skip time". I was talking with my LN group about it recently, and I think I made it sound like he'd be able to just have sex the whole time to build up power. I mean, I'm guessing he doesn't really have the time to even try that since he's got to take care of the whole family unit and work. And if he's doing all this work during the day, doesn't he deserve some happiness at night, lol. I guess if you hate OP characters, you may not like that half-hearted "He doesn't get powers bestowed on him by the world's goddess, no cheat setup!... But he gets strength enough from his wife goddess".

    How many volumes are there?

    There are currently 2 volumes. The last one released in December of 2017.

    Who is the Publisher?

    Kodansha. From the same label as the "Saving 80,000 coins for Retirement".

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    Oh, a family isekai! You've got a vote.

    I think this is the first family isekai I've seen.

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    Here's my support for this. I definitely am interested in a family-based Isekai. (I was the one that started bugging people asking if such an Isekai existed. Started with reddit, then bugged Sam on Curious Cat, and then asked here on the J-NC forums.) :3

    The publisher is K Lanove Books as mentioned.

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    kinda makes you wonder just what happened in the house during those 13 years that despite the MC banging a goddess for that long a time, the house was selected over him as the "Hero"
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    this would be fun to read even if its only 2 volumes so far.

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    Licensed By JNC

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