Light Novel Collection & Haul

  • I am more into collecting physical books, this month I wanted to collect all Overlord volumes. I had previously bought volume 1 and had to trace the rest over 3 different internet outlets across the UK and Germany. Volume 3 was especially painful since you most retailers are selling it at around 130 euro but managed to find a decent price in Germany. I also bought Rokka no Yuusha Volume 5 I had read the nanodesu translated version till vol 4 so I am starting at 5.

    Reason I don't like eBooks is that they are not stored together but you have to log on to different accounts to view them.

    Next month I am considering to buy volumes 7 - 12 of danmachi since I had stopped reading the series earlier this year; this is mostly due to the praise the guys at gave to the series.

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    @renofury wow 130 for vol 3 here is a tip for next time look at amazon (uk or german) or bookdepository (which is an amazon for several years now) and just buy it from there. They are sometimes sold out but restock after 1-2 months which is due to direct import from america. I also bought older physical volumes from amazon or bookdepository until now they always arrived sooner or later and you can get them at their retail price (overlord currently around 18,50 € each). But like you said pre ordering is cheaper I got vol. 3 for 15 € and vol. 6 for 13,50 €. The price difference is probably due to the euro dollar exchange rate at that time.

    As for my collection maybe I should take some pictures there are way to many like ~ 140 physicals and maybe 80 digitals? I'm so out of space I probably need to stash them in the basement sooner or later.

  • @qeeh totally agree with your tip, I avoided getting vol 3 now at that expensive markup and instead put an order on, still including delivery that volume costed 24 euro. For volume 9 I will just do a pre order.
    I Guess space is a very common problems with collectors, I do not have a basement but my garage is atm hosting my collection of video games from the 80s and the 90s.

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    @renofury I used to be the same, but after the flooding issue I had, I stopped with the physical copies. There are merits to physical over digital, but honestly, considering that with physical copies, I read about 20 LNs a day if I'm only reading (I had a very good relationship with one bookstore a few years back before they closed (Borders/Waldenbooks went bankrupt)). That means that in all honesty... digital makes more sense for me because of the fact that I'm not carry a giant bag of books.

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    I re-arranged my stuff, but I now have a small problem... there's only one shelf left :(.

    alt text

    I wish publishers were more consistent with book sizes. Shield Hero is a real hero, fitting into those tiny bottom spots though!

  • lol I only have like 15-25 LNs and I been reading since 2016 around winter season. I do have 15 credits tho since I never spend them as I read pub per pub weekly. Only spend them when I’m too lazy to read and title gets published. I end up buying from YP what I thought was often but seems like it’s actually not XD. I hate that they take forever but at least it gets translations done.

  • @flarecde how did you get LN for December in NOvember!!, I see Konousba vol.7,Reincartnaited as a slime vol.4,Killing slimes for 300 yers vol3,rokka no yuusha vol 6, and so on

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    Kodansha has a 50% off sale on Bookwalker. My haul so far (ignore the first one with the kitty cat, that's just a free manga).

    Edit: pic below in the next post.

  • @terrence no pic, you deceived me now i will never know what your haul is.

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    @rahul-balaggan said in Light Novel Collection & Haul:

    @terrence no pic, you deceived me now i will never know what your haul is.

    Ah, did it disappear. I'll re-add it.

    alt text

    There you go. One of the titles I bought to read before April.