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    @shiny Did you mean Quarkboy?

    Yeah, updated.

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    Honorifics are one of the worst offenders for me, because most of the over-localizations do the opposite of what they're supposed to - they call attention to themselves instead of vanishing into the background.

    -chan seems to be one of the worst offenders - 'Young Miss Aisha'? 'Young Miss Naden'? Really? Does anyone really think that sounds like natural speech? Presumably Fuuga's use of Aisha-chan and Naden-chan was meant to make him sound casual and overly familiar, but that kind of translation makes him sound stilted and overly formal.

    In this particular case, the honorific in question is -jou. The same jou as in Ojousama. It's also being accorded to them out of respect, something he doesn't bother to show Ruby or Kaede in the same sentence, who get no honorific.

    The way people in Realist refer to each other actually is pretty stilted and formal. There aren't a ton of -sans and -chans, and the translation largely ignores those there are. The most common honorific thrown around in the series is -dono, which basically everyone gets referred to with, followed by -sama.