Writing from Prompts

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    I got this idea from @malachy

    @malachy said in Light novel titles:

    @kairos You may actually be my new hero. I'm a published author (who is not good with titles, lol) currently working on several projects, but with your okay, I'm totally swiping the title "You already have a harem! So why are you asking me out?!" I will write that story. Might only be a forty or fifty pages, but I'm totally going to write that. I'll post a link once I get a halfway decent draft. That's so far outside of my personal wheelhouse that my editor may well have an apoplexy. That alone makes it worth the attempt, lol.

    so I decided that ppl can write some stuff from some prompts, ppl can give a Prompt and others can write off that prompt. I think the Light novel titles Discussion could work too for prompts.

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    Prompt: These Donuts are great! Nothing beats a Jelly filled Donut.

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