Can premium members read the parts that are not available for regular members?

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    So I was reading the realistic hero story and I can not read vol 2 part 2 I think. Would I be able to read it if I became a premium member?

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    No, this is not Netflix for light novels :)

    The only difference between Premium and Regular membership is that premium credits cost $1 less, and the cost of membership includes paying for 1 discounted credit per month. All other perks are the same.

    Books that have been released as e-books for more than 2 months should no long be available to read in prepub form (what you read on the website/via the app) unless that series is currently on catchup. Both types of membership can read all catchup series; neither membership can read expired books not on catchup.

  • Also I’m not sure if this has been mentioned or changed but if some ahole decides to make a premium forum thread exclusively for premium members. I haven’t seen this yet but I think I might be that ahole that’s done it in the past. When I first subscribed to JNC. I could be just imagining things tho so don’t take me for granted. But that’s another premium member perk.(if I’m correct)
    Just checked and it is a feature given to us premium members. I have yet to see it done unless I did it on the past tho.
    Edit again
    Just realized there’s a lot of premium members only threads that I never noticed were premium member only threads. So I guess I just wasn’t paying attention.

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    The Premium Members only threads are not really special except for the thread that tell what volumes will expire in the current month which I believe should be moved to the general thread so all could have access to it.

  • @bartzbb yeah but it’s just another perk that premium members get that isn’t really mentioned by anyone tbh. That is what I was implying from this XD. I doubt anyone would actually like using this perk because it restricts the amount of views you can get for said thread tbh. If I was doing another license suggestion I would definitely not make it for premium members only. A perfect example of why it isn’t used much XD.

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    @bartzbb the expiring volumes thread is in Members only, not premium members only. In my opinion that makes sense that way any subscribers can see when stuff is expiring, it doesn’t make sense (to me) to have it in general cause it won’t apply to people who don’t subscribe.

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    I always thought it was in the Premium Members thread because there were times when I gave the link to people who asked for when volumes expire and they couldn't access the thread.

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    @bartzbb as far as I can recall it has always been in Members only, however it was created over 1 year ago so it could have started in premium only then been moved at some point just can’t recall that far back.

    As for any other reason the people you gave the link to may not have been able to access that topic, they might just not have been signed in, that’s all I can think of right now at least.

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