A General list of stuff I want to see fixed/improved

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    Almost everything here will be something I have said many months ago or are pretty common complaints or issues. The higher on the list something is the more priority it is for me.

    • JNC, as it stands right now, is not exactly user-friendly (witch the others suggestions try to improve) and it is not that friendly to new-comers especially. If a Newcomer wants to read a specific series they are forced to buy a bunch of credits to read them. I think there needs to be something so they can experience what they want. Maybe make a token that unlocks an entires series for a duration of time (like say up to 3 months). if newcomers get a duration where they can read every volume one for some time and tokens that let them read the entire series for a limited amount of time then I think newcomers will have a less sour experience
    • when someone wants to read a specific part they need to click on the specific series, then look for the specific part while clicking next page for every 4 parts and finding it. What I think it should be is, on the left side you have a list of the volumes that you can click, then on the right side a list (or grid) of the parts for that volume and also having a sort of Simul read at the top of the page that has the most recent parts would help those caught up. this can also lead up to my next suggestion
    • show the locked parts. if you see any series you will see, [title] Volume 1 Part 1, [title] Volume 2 Part 1 etc. there have bee people who thought that that one part was the only part for that volume. to clear this up it should show the locked parts greyed out and if the previous suggestion is implemented then there is no worry about people going through all the pages so they can read the most recent part.
    • Add a queue or a Favourites List so ppl can more easily read their favourite books every week.
    • Show more than six books on a single page. JNC has 33 series and 150 individual books (as of July). If someone is looking for a book or series they will need to go through 6 pages for series and up to 23 pages for books in the library.
    • List/Grid options. when looking at the titles and your library it would be nice to have the option to set them as a Grid or List.

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    @drone205 Small thing JNC actually has over 150 e-books currently up for sale/pre-order.

    The exact number I am not sure but for premium editions there are exactly 150 books (as of this post) and there are a few more on Amazon currently that haven’t made their way to the site for premium editions.

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    @rahul-balaggan ok thx I will change that part.

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