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    Its small. If you are going to let us read on the website, might I suggest making it larger? The font size can be changed, im talking about the amount of text per "page". If I wanted to read a book, id go pick a book up and flip pages instead of coming to my computer.

    I go to a website, click a link, get directed to a chapter of a novel or book and I read the entire chapter without having to click "next page". Its simple, its easy and its CONVENIENT! Your website design for the same thing is over the top, trashy and a waste of my clicking.

    Also with the "Dim the lights" feature, why not make a black background with white characters for reading instead of just dimming down contrast on everything except what im trying to read. It would be nice. Or maybe another feature for this altogether?

    Anyways, its feedback and even has my personal opinion on how to make things a tiny bit better...though doubt anyone really cares.

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    I do care. I’m here for the exact same reason. I ran to the app to get continuous mode but my main concern though is night mode. I usually can only find time to read during the night and I’m used to all my reader having night reading mode. Even with the JNovel app, I couldn’t find a way to do this.

    As you mentioned, the website on the other hand only changes everything except the actual text portion. That’s very, very funny.

    Anyway, couldn’t you guys actually make the background black and the text white? (Insert pouting face here) I’m burning my eyes here. I’ve reduced the white point of my phone to as possibly low as I can just to read on your site at night and it is still killing me.

    Well, I hope you guys at jnovel and your devs can consider this small tiny unimportant almost useless request - Ok I’m joking but please take note on this feature please.

    p/s: hey, OP. I love your handle name hahaha sorry i find it funny

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    @redarx There is a night mode on the beta android app if you sign up as a beta tester.

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    @sniper_samurai amazing news! That means they do care! Hahaha but sadly I’m on ios. I guess I’ll just wait till the feature gets released or on beta here, hopefully.

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    @redarx Yeah, we can't do a full open beta on iOS but we will release on Testflight to people who sign up.

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    @sam-pinansky Hey, thanks for the reply :)

    I'd love to join the Testflight if it is still active. Can I?

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    @redarx I am waiting for a few more fixes then we'll do a round 2 of beta and I'll add in iOS.

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