"*English* Light Novels"

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    There are books written in English that are either inspired by Anime/Manga/LN etc. (Justus R. Stone is planning on making one of his own) or Video Games, are pretty Geeky, or made for fan culture.

    this thread will be for discussing those books. One trick I found to find them on Amazon is to go to the Kindle E-books and out of the stuff that is recommended for you some are these kinds of books (I mean Cmon we are all Anime/Manga/LN geek Otakus so it is not that far-fetched that this will work for most of you too). once you find one it becomes a lot easier to find the others (just be careful of the Crappy translation ones that translate some Chinese books or something like that)

  • Well if people post titles they recommend I wouldn’t mind giving them a try.

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    I’ve no real interest. I pretty much only read Japanese fiction as my fiction and read a pretty wide range. Not because I don’t think other stuff is cool or good but because I only have so much time in life and I’d rather have a broader grasp of a narrow band, than a narrow grasp of a broad band.

    Still I think it’s cool people are doing this and if Justus writes something I might read it because it’s Justus damn it.

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    @the-green-death said in "*English* Light Novels":

    if Justus writes something I might read it because it’s Justus damn it.

    He has been saying that he really wants to write a LN story and now that his bleeding world series is finished ...

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    I kind of talked about it in the first podcast I did, but the biggest thing that holds me back from reading English made works are their art. If the art looks cheap, it makes me think the rest of the product is a cheap cashgrab too. Even some of the better art looks doujinishi quality.

    Though, I just looked at Varnell's two latest releases that are not in the American Kitsune series, and they look good, especially the third volume character; the first volume art looks off to me though, not quite LN quality.

    alt text

    alt text

    There are good artists out there taking commissions you could contact to create something. If you're going to do an English light novel inspired novel, and you think your story is of high quality, go all out with at least the cover to match the story quality.

    Here are all of Varnell's works from Goodreads so you can take a peek at them:


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