New life+ gone?

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    Is there any chance this will be translated in the future? I was really enjoying this series. Any j-novel news on the license would be appreciated!

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    Unfortunately, this one ran into trouble because of some racist tweets against China and Korea from the author and because of the character's background alluding to him being a participator in the Nanking Massacre (which again angered Chinese fans, caused the actors to back out of the anime that got cancelled, and then caused the parent company publishing the Japanese novels, Hobby Japan, to halt sales of the books physically).

    It remains to be seen if the author will edit his web novel versions to alienate fans less let alone be allowed to edit the light novels and release more of them. Even in Japan, this series is only at I think 18 volumes, and it was looking like 1-2 more volumes would wrap it up. =[

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    please refer to this topic for all information regarding what occurred with New Life +.

    If you just want to see J-Novel Club’s official statement it is as follows
    alt text

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    Thanks guys!

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