Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

  • Well, Just like when JNC licensed Mari Okada's autobiography, I talked about other Bungeishunjuu's titles.
    So, I'll make a topic for titles from the new publishers.

    Funny thing.
    It happened 3 times now.
    I mention a title here, 7-9 days later, it get licensed
    I want to eat your pancreas, Seven Seas got it
    Katanagatari, Vertical is pushing it as 3-in-1 hardcover release
    Kokoro Connect, JNC announced it (With JNC doing physical copies now, it has to be printed, I want them on shelf!!! lol)

    Well, this topic's title is from the same company as Kokoro Connect, Enterbrain
    alt text

    Same author as Log Horizon
    Status; Completed (with 5 vols)
    It's about Maou and Yuusha, not fighting but trying to stop the war between humans and demons.
    However, people needed war.
    Government needed a reason to keep common folks from speaking up
    Border cities with low resources needed war to keep its people full.
    & ofc, enemies can't just be good buddies overnight.
    So, behind the scenes, they are trying to eliminate the reasons of necessity of war (both economically and politically)
    They are also trying to create a bridge between humans and demons.

    The anime has my favorite anime speech of all times!

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    One thing that makes this one interesting I guess is its presentation. It's written almost like a Shakespearean play iirc.

    I would also like the novels.

  • What would this be called?? A Light Drama Play?? Still, I always wanted to read this, specially since the manga adaptation is stuck in license hell.

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    The same author as Log Horizon and It is complete, You got my up-vote!

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    The anime was a lot of fun, and (based on the anime) it has a nice mix of adventure, romance and Realist Hero style efforts to improve the living conditions of the humans and demons. And like Realist's MC they are both dreamers and pragmatists in implementing their dreams.

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    Just watched the anime of this the other day it was great would love to get this series translated.

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    Hell yeah. This series needs to be translated. I have been reading up on Manga (18 volumes) but LNs are the real deal. Also, total volumes are 8 and not 5

  • I loved the anime and rewatched it a few times too would love to have it licensed. If it got a season 2 it probably will get a high chance of being licensed. You never know.