What are your favorite novels / light novels turned anime?

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    My favorite LN turned anime is probably Baccano. Setting is unique in being about Prohibition era America. Both media formats for the Rolling Bootlegs story bring something to the table with different framing techniques. And the anime has my one of my favorite OPs.


  • Tough call, so many good choices. If I had to pick one, I'd say "Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere" and not for the reason some may be thinking. Sure it had a lot of fan service, but the plot was deep and complex. Plus it had a lot of references and direct connections to history.

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    I think for me it'd be The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, as that was a really great anime. My second choice would be Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon? as the setting and characters are just great.

  • To be honest, I watch the anime before reading the light novel. The title is "My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected." I can relate to the anime which men are always being rejected by girls. insert sad music. I read the light novel and Hachiman's sayings were deep(source:me).

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    @Kumuro The light novel is sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. I feel stuff like SNAFU and Monogatari series that get more philosophical and inward might translate better for me in a book.

  • @Terrence For me SNAFU is the best light novel that I have read. I urging you to read it now. :D

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    @Kumuro Gotta make my way through all the expiring volumes here first. First up, My Sis Can Read Kanji.

    I gotta read Welcome to the NHK before the month is out too.

  • @Terrence Well, that's a good one also. I've watch the anime and it trigger my depression (crippling depression). Have you watch the anime? I'm cautious right now because I might say some spoilers. :D

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    @Kumuro Only bits and pieces of the anime. I'll let you know when I finish the book.

    IIRC, it involves making a video game visual novel at some point, and the MC is a NEET or hikikimori or something. I think I know a little bit about a specific element to the story's end (relationship stuff), but I think the journey might be worth taking in book form. I hear some say the anime is better than the book.

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    Welcome to the NHK is very different in book form than anime. The anime is far goofier and goes on more tangents, the book is pretty realistic and is darkly funny, but the dark humor is there to communicate a genuine and deep depression. The book is partially autobiographical and that makes it even more tragic. Definitely worth reading though, it's a brilliant book!

  • @Terrence Ok, I'll read it sometime :D
    @the-green-death Well, for me the anime gave me a satisfying ending. But reading the novel is differ which you can understand more of what in the MC's mind. Just like when I read the SNAFU. The anime didn't express the MC's thought that much but in the LN, it's way deeper.

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    I really like the opening of the book. The whole "Let's blame our shortcomings and problems on this group of people" conspiracy theories are unfortunately still relevant for today's world (people I read those relevant lines to thought immediately of the last election cycle). I can see someone who likes Hatchiman's philosophizing in SNAFU enjoying that open.

    Yeah, I think I'll like the book. Just need to find the time to read it between all these new J-Novel releases (I doubt I'll finish Novel 1 of Grimgar by the 16th).

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    I brought up "When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace" in another thread, so I figured I'd post this scene. It's probably the most powerful critique of Chuunibyou.


    I'd love to see these LNs stateside. Hopefully Hatoko here wins, but I don't think that's in the cards. =(

    The rest of the show wasn't nearly as powerful as that scene unfortunately, but it was worth it for that alone.

  • I have not read them, in due to no translation being made, but I guess, Saber Marionette J, Shigofumi and Lost Universe for inspiring anime that has made me less irritable in real life.
    Besides, Lime reminds me of my niece. How can I say "no," to adorable ways of looking at things?

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    Overlord. The answer to any question with the words "light novel" and "favorite" in them are always Overlord.

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    @Siphonario LOL. I didn't really like Overlord LN volume 1 though.

    I haven't watched the series other than a bit of what volume 1 covered and some scenes of the woman who loves Momonga (if you're asking which one, since there seems to be some rivalry, the demon chick with wings in black with the gold chains; I dig her design in the book, and would totally ship them... If Momonga / Ainz were a living being). Their first interactions were definitely more than a bit offputting / uncomfortable though, but I don't mind Albedo's zany, fun affection most of the time.

    Edit: Albedo. Thanks Google.

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    @Terrence Albedo is my phone wallpaper haha. I can understand how Overlord wouldn't be to some peoples taste. Overlord is a really deep read, with what could be considered long periods of uneventful circumstances if you don't connect the dots (which I often don't because I gloss over things).
    What is truly extraordinary about Overlord's writing is how intelligent the world and characters are, how the books convey their sense of scale, fear, awe, and sometimes just write an amusing silly moment. There's a lot of text to sift through, which is uncharacteristic of the general light novel scene. Overlord takes immense pains to craft a world beyond the character, to take those characters and let them truly exist in the world its created, they all have motivations, fears, likes, dislikes, and sometimes, exist without definite purpose, because that's what life is.

    To me, Overlord is a window into something familiar, yet something totally unlike anything I'll ever experience, a grand stage to play out the dull intricacies of humanity with circumstances taken to the extraordinary. Most light novels are fluff like this one, where the world and it's characters exist to be shaped by the protagonist, to be experienced by the reader at face value. It's exceptional light novels like The Faraway Paladin, Overlord, and Grimgar that transcend the superficial experience. That being said, fluffy reads can be fun too sometimes! I'm reading Smartphone and I hope it doesn't get any more Harem-ie than it currently is.

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