High School DxD

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    Has no one suggested High School DxD yet? That is like the premiere ecchi harem, shounen battle series! And with the new season just wrapping up(and hopefully more to come?), this seems like the perfect time to bring the LN over here. :)

    Why DxD is a classic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJogCt6RKWo

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    As a Kadokawa series, it wasn't even an option until a few days ago (when Sam finally was able to get Kadokawa series). The problem with DxD is that it's a bit old (10 years since the first volume), it's very long (25+ volumes and ongoing), it's already largely fan-translated (but not in a way that would let JNC buy the fan translation), and it's more ecchi than JNC's typical fare. None of these are by themselves showstoppers, but they're all points against it, and I know Sam likes to avoid licensing really long series (because if they flop, he's forced to either piss people off by canceling it, or stick with it losing money indefinitely). I know a lot of people on the JNC discord are convinced that DxD wouldn't sell in North America.

    Personally, I'd be happy if JNC license it... but at the same time, as I've already read through half the series (up to v14 now), I'm not going to re-read all those volumes if it gets licensed. I'd just wait for JNC to get to v15 and pick up from there.

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    @guspaz said in High School DxD:

    I know a lot of people on the JNC discord are convinced that DxD wouldn't sell in North America.

    I hadn't thought about that, but you're probably right. DxD tends to appeal to a younger demographic that (in the US, at least) wouldn't necessarily pay $6-8 for a copy of something that they can read for free. In blunter terms, not JNC's demographic. I can see why it would be a gamble. If it wasn't, YP would probably have published it by now.

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    @guspaz I don't think it's any more ecchi than How Not to Summon, Arifureta, Mixed Bathing and especially now after JK Haru. It is indeed a long series (well, two series really if I recall) and most of it has been translated by fans already, but they are some of the worst translations I've read outside of maybe Maoyu Yuusha.

    I just really want someone to bring the series over cause reading the fan translation is really rough; I've tried a couple time and every time I just wanna load it into MS Word and just start rewriting the entire thing but with legible grammar and sentence structure.

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    i wouldn't mind getting these if JNC got it though at this point there's about 30 books if you count the side ones. But i would love to get this series was the first one that got me into light novels. Though would be a long time before the translators would be able to get to the current book.

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    @joshua-caleb I wouldn’t call JK Haru ecchi despite its sexual content.

  • @guspaz Rokujouma is 9 years old and long too(29 Vol in total) and they bring it to us so have little hope

  • @theredjet Rokujouma had a dedicated, capable fan translator whose translations were considered good enough to hire him for the rest of the series. JNC was able to bring Roku over, long as it was, because they didn't have to invest in a new translation, just edit the existing one.

    Would you say DxD's fanTL scene can measure up?
    @joshua-caleb said in High School DxD:

    I just really want someone to bring the series over cause reading the fan translation is really rough; I've tried a couple time and every time I just wanna load it into MS Word and just start rewriting the entire thing but with legible grammar and sentence structure.

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    I’d probably buy it just to support the author... I mean I’ve watched the anime, and I find those harder series to read than others.

    I’ve watched smartphone like 5 times... and haven’t read the books yet, even tho I have the premium version in my library... I save this stuff up for when the unforgivable happens.

    No fan translations to read... lol

    And I love marathon reading, so it’s no skin off my nose to buy them and let them sit on my device for - number or months...

    Crap... I still have 3 danmachi’s too to read... (plus a sword oratoria... not to mention others)

    Oh, and I love long volume series’s... but yea, the problem is if they get dropped part way.

    Side query.

    Why would the fan translations be done in a way that would prevent purchase of them? Buy those you can, fix them, and fill in where you Can’t?

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    @thomask IIRC the requirements for JNC to license a fan translation were something like this:

    1. The entire work (or at least a significant portion of it) must be done by a single translator
    2. The quality of the translation must be on par with JNC's pre-editing standards
    3. The translator must be willing to work for JNC to continue the translation
    4. The translator must agree to stop doing any and all fan translation work

    For DxD, the first two are not true, and the other points are question marks. I'd imagine that Sam needs to have all his ducks in a row to convince the Japanese publishers that acquiring the fan translator/translation is kosher.

  • @joshua-caleb if they can't get the first series from volume 1-25
    They should get the sequel "Shin Highschool dxd" a continuation from volume 25

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    @danniel-donnie-dan It makes no sense in this case to license the sequel before the original. Let's say for some reason someone did license the sequel, no would who read it would be able to make sense of it since there will be an expectation that you have read the previous books. Yes I know there is an anime but I seriously doubt it has covered 25 volumes of material.

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    Yeah, while I'm grateful to the fan translators, if JNC got the license, they should do it themselves. It is nowhere near the quality that JNC's translations have. Even ones that went a little fubar like the early Undead Adventurer are far better than most of DXD's translations.

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  • @guspaz Interesting point that many on the Discord feel it wouldn't sell well, many of the people I know would certainly buy it. I know that's merely a tiny subset of annecdotal evidence, but I had thought it might be one of the more popular ones.

  • Some more info courtesy CuriousCat and Twitter:


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    If someone is going to license DxD I really hope it will be JNC since they can release faster than any publishers. Although I understand the risk of licensing a long and popular series I still hope of the day when JNC is successful enough that it could take the risk and hopefully nothing negative happens.

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    The cheapest cease and desist is to put them under your thumb and pay them I guess?

    Yeah, I can see how the “no more fan translations” might be a no go for both sides. It’d be fine to go anonymous with a new alias... but when someone wants to buy that trans... oops... they under contract.

    Thanks for the reply breaking it down.

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    No, it's more along the lines of, an official licensor/publisher like J-Novel Club can't be employing people who are actively pirating their partners' content.

    Since that post I've read a bunch more volumes of DxD (to the end of 22 now), and the translation quality has taken a dive. The current translator has a tendency to both severely under-translate and use significantly lower quality English than older volumes. My understanding is that it's also now a double-translation via Chinese. I didn't think the translation was anywhere near JNC's required level of quality before, at this point, the idea of buying the translation is laughable.

  • To everyone who wants to see this title officially licensed by JNC:

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