What are you reading for Manga?

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    I'm in the middle of a few series:

    [Favorites] = :yellow_heart:

    Goodnight Punpun [reading vol 3] :yellow_heart:
    Berserk [reading vol 17]
    Real Account [finished vol 1] :yellow_heart:
    Nichijou [finished vol 5] :yellow_heart:
    Behind the Scenes [finished vol 2]
    Shoulder a Coffin Kuro [finished vol 2]
    Tohyo Game [finished vol 1] :thumbsup:
    Not Lives [finished vol 1]
    Nozaki Kun [Need vol 5] :thumbsup:
    Azumanga Daioh: The Omnibus (Azumanga Daioh #1-4)

    Here's my currently reading list:

    I almost always write a review or little write up when I finish something.

  • Reading right now:

    • Detective Conan/Cased Closed (Vol 9)
    • NO.6 (Vol 2)


    • Goodnight Punpun (Vol 2- I'm losing interest in it, but I did like the first volume)
    • Prison School (Vol 1- Gonna buy the 2nd volume)
    • Monster (Vol 2)
    • The Demon Prince of Momochi House (Vol 1- Gonna buy the 2nd volume)
    • Noragami (Vol 11)
    • Tohyo Game (Vol 1- Waiting for the 2nd volume to be released)
    • Silent Voice (Vol 1- Gonna buy the 2nd volume)

    Waiting to be read:

    • Karneval (Vol 1)
    • Black Butler (Vol 1)

    There are others that I have read, but the ones I mentioned are the ones I liked the most.

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    Recently finished a Silent Voice and Parasyte (both amazing) currently keeping up with:

    • Gundam Thunderbolt
    • Assassination Classroom
    • My Hero Academy

  • I read a lots of manga. Well, have you tried tokyo ghoul? The manga is better than the anime.
    Also I recommend the Aho Girl, Koi Inu, Yuusha ga Shinda and Youkai shoujo.

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    @Kumuro I think I spoiled too much of Tokyo Ghoul for myself (I tend to do that with longer running manga just to see if there's anything worthwhile; Tokyo Ghoul also had a big spoiler out there for its original manga series; the anime wasn't my favorite).

    Those other ones sound interesting though, well specifically the Aho one which I assume is a comedy like Nichijou + Azumanga? They available on English storeshelves?

    Speaking of Azumanga, almost finished with the Omnibus. Not the greatest art wise (compared to Nichijou, this thing gets destroyed) but the comedy and characters are fun, especially Osaka. Up next for me is Berserk 17.

  • @Terrence Well, I don't criticize the anime for what happened. Studio Periot did well for making the anime more tragic. I'll give them that. Oh, I wish that Mad House adapt Tokyo Ghoul instead of Periot :D
    Well, yeah. Aho Girl has a decent story and funny. I'm reading it online and it has 70 chapters. I recommend also "Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko."

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    It's all about "a silent voice" for me. It's completed with 7 volumes and it's really a fantastic work by my sense. Otherwise I've read " boy and a beast" and "Magus Bride" which were both really enjoyable thus far. As for Tokyo ghoul, it's currently in a plot soup, so I've more or less given up on it.

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    @Siphonario Agree about A Silent Voice - so good!!

    Is Boy and the Beast just retelling of the movie or is it a separate story?

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    @the-green-death I'm not sure, as I've yet to watch the movie. However, I'll continue to buy the manga regardless because I like it. Similarly to Overlord, I'm buying both the light novel and manga. It likely goes past where the current releases are though, being 2-3. I would imagine you'll have to wait a while if you want new material, if any.

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    Right now the only things I'm going to keep on my order list are SAO Progressive, D-Frag, Danmachi, and KonoSuba now that it has started being published here. I'm also praying that Maou-jou de Oyasumi will get licensed.

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    I wish Konosuba had better art work. I feel like some of the magic is lost with the lower Quality artwork than the Anime presented. Or Maybe it's just a different style? Regardless, the anime really nailed it, and I feel the manga doesn't quite live up to that expectation.

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    @Siphonario I've read 4(?) volumes of Magus Bride, though I have forgotten much of it between library rentals and other series, so I'll have to do a refresher on it. It's got some fantastic art, and I do think the plot was getting better towards the end of the last few volumes (new enemy, more background and intrigue about Elias).

    I'll have to try A Silent Voice when I have less on my plate. I have Berserk vol 17 this week, and maybe volume 2 of Real Account coming up. Berserk has great art, and setting, but I still think it leaves a bit to be desired volume to volume (too many "to be continued" parts, and arcs that go on for more than a volume or two, and arcs that end smack dab in the middle of a volume; I think the writer goes on hiatus a lot too like the HxH guy?).

    As for Konosuba, I think I'll try the LNs.

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    Ajin-Chan wa Kitaritai
    Monster Musume
    Toaru Ossan no VRMMO
    Tondemo Skill no Isekai Hourou Meshi

    Need to get back to Tales of Wedding Rings and UQ Holder, stopped those for a while.

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    A LOT...just a whole LOT of manga.

    Only manga that has been officially licensed for distribution in NA, but yeah...a LOT.

    Too many to name or even think about naming.

    My top 3 right now though consist of:

    • One Peice

    • Hayate The Combat Butler

    • A Bride's Story

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    I added So Cute it Hurts to my roster. Gender swap sibling Shoujo. It's nice to see a brother and sister falling in love with two partners that aren't each other.

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    @Terrence If you like that, you'd love the light novel that I read one my own randomly doing research for J-Novel Club, Sh@pple!

    I kind of want to license and translate it myself one day... It'd be relaxing.

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    Way too many.

    Some of my favorites:

    Simulcasts and other serializations:
    The Promised Neverland
    The Emperor and I
    One Punch Man

    Pickup every volume when they are released:
    Ace of the Diamond (soooo glad Kodansha Comics picked this up, hope they get enough support to translate all 47 volumes)
    Murcielago (loved volume 1, can't wait to see where this goes)
    Yowamushi Pedal (yeah, I am really into sports manga)

    Have enough patience to wait for my local library to release (and can't afford to buy every release I want):

    My Neighbor Seki
    So Cute It Hurts!! (I agree @Terrence it is refreshing compared to other shojo)
    The Devil is a Part-Timer (love both the manga and the LN)

    By the way, good place to mention that there are a lot of manga and LN coming out next week, and if you buy on BookWalker, you can spin for a coupon by April 16th between 20-50%. The coupon is good until the end of the month but can only be used once. I plan to buy 4 manga and 2 LN next week and I got a 40% off coupon. :smiley:

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    @erictbar said in What are you reading for Manga?:

    Way too many.
    Have enough patience to wait for my local library to release (and can't afford to buy every release I want):

    My Neighbor Seki

    I read the first volume of Seki, but it didn't catch me, maybe because I've seen that trolling before by Mai in Nichijou and it's old hat.

    My state wide library doesn't have volumes 2 and beyond of Real Account, but I'd like to read them. 😿

    In a similar vein, I'm casually reading Not Lives, which is just ok.

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    @Terrence So Cute it Hurts is awesome it starts to get really good early on and keeps picking up pace in each volume.

    Vol 12 switched the rating up to M and it was shrink wrapped. (Just to let you know)

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    I got a new job this week. In celebration I ordered the entirety of A Silent Voice. Also, I will pre-order Berserk volume 38 and the Dragonhalf omnibus soon.

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