@Siphonario I've read 4(?) volumes of Magus Bride, though I have forgotten much of it between library rentals and other series, so I'll have to do a refresher on it. It's got some fantastic art, and I do think the plot was getting better towards the end of the last few volumes (new enemy, more background and intrigue about Elias).

I'll have to try A Silent Voice when I have less on my plate. I have Berserk vol 17 this week, and maybe volume 2 of Real Account coming up. Berserk has great art, and setting, but I still think it leaves a bit to be desired volume to volume (too many "to be continued" parts, and arcs that go on for more than a volume or two, and arcs that end smack dab in the middle of a volume; I think the writer goes on hiatus a lot too like the HxH guy?).

As for Konosuba, I think I'll try the LNs.