Novel pick-up requests

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    I'd like to see Maoyuu Maou Yuusha picked up at some point, I enjoyed the anime quite a bit and would like to see where the novels continue!

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    Can we get an adult LN "How to Build a Dungeon/Maou no Hajimekata" licensed? That would make you guys stand out as one of the only people localizing adult Light novels :D
    Not to mention we could all use a bit more erotica haha. They so far only localized the manga in physical form.

    Another famous but never picked up LN would be "Moonlight sculptor" I believe. So if you can pick up that one I think you will increase in fan base even faster.

    The last book I can think of currently that could also be popular (since it also had an anime recently) is "How to raise a boring girlfriend". Don't think it currently has a Light novel in the west.

  • Hi! Nice to meet you ! First of all, I congratulate to you for making this site, a really nice and interesting initiative ! Moreover, thanks for the Grimgar license, I'll buy it for sure !

    I saw this topic, so if I can, I have one suggestion: "Tsukumodo Antique Shop" ( "Fushigi" Toriatsukaimasu: Tsukumodou Kottouten" ).

    It's a LN of 7 volumes (so it's not long), finished in 2010, well written and usually very appreciated by those who has read it. It's deep, emotional and has pretty unique concept in some area. A very good mystery/fantasy story.

    I don't know how it works for rights etc. but I hope you appreciate this suggestion !

    Thanks !

  • This company success is literally about the series they pick up, if it's going to be good or not and how much soon or better it is than the physical version. My suggestion is to pick up novels that will be in demand because of future anime/physical novel it'll get, for example, Konosuba and Re: Zero demands for the light novels sky rocket when the anime aired, so my suggestion is pick some off those and gamble on that or straight up gamble on a light novel.

    When Grimgar was picked up, I was almost tempted to subscribe, but considering the fan translation that was already up. No, but the speed of translation however, when it catches up will probably tempt me.

    Anyways, my personal recommendations base on this and straight up gambles would be:

    Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho
    Majo no Tabitabi: The Journey of Elaina
    Your Name is.

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    @TenshiNoAkuma Those last three are already licensed and being put out by other companies, you know?

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    Since J-Novel Club has partnered with Overlap and Hobby Japan, I think it'd be interesting to go after Alpha Polis too since it's a similar kind of publisher in Japan. They're also quite familiar with the digital market so they might make a good fit. (I also want to see a bunch of series from them too.)

    • Yuusha Gojo Kumiai Kouryuugata Keijiban
    • Isekai Tensei Soudouki
    • Isekai de "Kuro no Iyashite" tte Yobarete Imasu
    • Re:Monster
    • Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari
    • B Group no Shounen
    • Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
    • Gate
    • Tensei shichatta yo (Iya, Gomen)
    • The New Gate
    • Rune Troopers
    • Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
    • Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai
    • Hiraheishi wa Kako o Yumemiru
    • Sayounara Ryuusei, Konnichiwa Jinsei
    • New Game Plus!
    • Maken no Daydreamer

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    Personally I'd love to see an oldie, but in my opinion a goodie, Maria sama ga Miteiru. Always wanted to read beyond the anime. Would be a dream come true for me :)

  • @Sam-Pinansky Yes, but at very slow translation speed. The thing about majority light novels is that, it's released before the anime yet we get it after. That is, unless you're an Japanese speaker and can already read the JAP novels. Where is the English community to have this chance? "Re Zero just ended" Japanese speakers are already reading volume 9 + of Re Zero. "I wanna do this too!! but I can't read Japanese, guess I'll just wait 2 years for Yen On to license volume 9 Lol" Zaregoto took 2 years for volume 2 and then been MIA for 6 years on this series. Monogatari series (I meant) anime been released years ago, but this year, we're barely getting volume 1. "yayyyy!!!, but WAIT, the anime already covered majority of the novels, why should we license this? 'because it's still popular, we're going to license the novel now and hope it sales!!.' " I think If Novel Club wants more subscribers, they can't just pick random god series hoping that the community will pay to read it and suddenly, they become hook to it and it'll become popular because it is interesting.(KonoSuba for example, did not sale a lot until the anime exposed it) Light novels don't have equal opportunities as anime, so we have to gamble it on "already popular or is popular anime" to advertise the light novel. In my point of view, Novel Club should be about "getting ahead in web format" especially in popular series and use that "physical localization takes too long" to succeed.

    I don't know how licensing works as I did not put any effort in this, but if only a company can license the rights to distribute novels, then Novel Club better pick up their competition belt and pull out their Challenger skills and compete over popular series.

    Your Name Is. was just an example of a stupidly over popular series that we all want to watch, but can't yet and something we all want to read, but can't yet. That is, unless you you already saw it at EXPO or is a total scumbag and watched leaked one, or is Japanese-senpai and already read the LN.

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    @TenshiNoAkuma You make a lot of important points. But a lot of what you say can be boiled down to: Can J-Novel Club make more revenue than a slower, print-based release?
    If the answer to this question is yes, then we can compete for titles like that. We just started ~3 weeks ago, so the answer to this question is still unknown.
    In the meantime we'll license series that are fun, and series that are popular or have a built in fanbase when we have an opportunity. That's our strategy.

  • @GokuuSon said in Novel pick-up requests:

    Personally I'd love to see an oldie, but in my opinion a goodie, Maria sama ga Miteiru. Always wanted to read beyond the anime. Would be a dream come true for me :)

    Yes, I second this. One of my friends in Europe would also be very happy to read this.

    Anyway, on my end, I'd like any supernatural fantasies told in first person. It's easier for me to pick up on what's going on, if in first person.

  • It looks like this became the "official" request new novels thread so I guess I'll throw my thoughts in. I second the few people who mentioned "Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere" however, those novels are huge (700-1300 pages each) and from what I understand, difficult to translate. The fan translation is pretty far along but I would still love it if J-Novel got it though. Minoru Kawakami's other works would be cool as well including the (older) "The Ending Chronicle" and the (newer) "Clash in the Hexennacht" I'm not sure how much of a fanbase these series have though so I'm unsure how profitable they could be.

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    @Rozmdan Horizon would be cool but the businessman in me would complain because I'd have to price the ebooks higher and it would throw off the whole premium credits thing! Would I make it cost 2 credits? Argh, that complications that would cause in my system hurts my mind.

    2-3 times as long basically mean translation costs = 2-3 times as high = need to price ebook to match... Without a giant tome on the shelf wouldn't that cause sales to drop drastically for the ebooks?

    Honestly if I were to license Horizon I'd push to split up the volumes into more usual 250-350 pages.

  • @Sam-Pinansky That's understandable and I do recognize that the series isn't too conducive to the current business model you have set up.

    It would probably get really complicated naming the books too since currently the set up for Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere is "Volume 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 3C" in that pattern repeating. If you were to split each book in to say 3 parts, that would be even more complicated.

  • Two novels turned me into LN addict: Sword Art Online and PuiPui. Please translate PuiPui, it'a a light hearted romcom, one of the early ones that has been dropped...

  • Kou 1 Desu ga Isekai de Joushu Hajimemashita (Hobby Japan) Please....

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    Hello, I've recently found out about this service and you can call quite interested.
    Because I don't know the current series you are running now yet, I've got a few series in mind I'm interested in for request.
    I'd like to see "GATE: Thus the JSDF Fought There!" and "The Irregular at Magic High School" to your catalog.
    Even though Yen-Press has TIMHS in their catalog, they only released it physical.
    I tried to request a digital version, but they responded that they were not gonna release this series digitally.

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    If you can translate Kokoro Connect, that would be awesome! I love the anime, and have always wanted to read source material for it.

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    @Student-no.0 me three! Very interested

  • I've been seeing a lot of suggestions here that I'd definitely get behind! And just to be different, I'll go ahead and mention one that hasn't been said yet: Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja, from GC Novels. It seems like it's a pretty fun series so far, and I'd love to see an official translation for it.

  • hello,

    I want to request a Novel that i still love until now. which is Tate No Yuusha (The rising of shield hero) and Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. These two novel have very interesting story which is not mainstream and their plot and MC is very good which the entire things is not for justice.

    Reason i want these series is because both of this Novel only have web novel translation. so i wish to read original LN of this. (Sorry of my bad english)