Miniskirt Space Pirates

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    Miniskirt Uchuu Kaizoku (Miniskirt Space Pirates) AKA Moretsu Uchuu Kaizoku (Bodacious Space Pirates)
    By Yuuichi Sasamoto
    Illustrated by Noriyuki Matsumoto
    Published by Asahi Novels (Asahi Shimbun Shuppan)
    Volumes: 12

    So far as Marika Kato knows, she's an ordinary high school student. But one day a pair of mysterious strangers appear at the diner where she works after school and inform her that her father, whom she's never met, is the infamous space pirate Gonzaemon. If this weren't shocking enough, they also inform her Gonzaemon recently passed away, and as his next of kin Marika is now the proud owner of the pirate ship Bentenmaru. Can Marika balance the demands of interstellar piracy and studying?

    I know, the title makes this sound absolutely ridiculous, but have no fear, it's highly misleading -- they aren't pirates at all; they space privateers. They've got a letter of marque and everything.

    The English LN market is seriously lacking in sci-fi space action -- there's an occasional bit in Little Apocalypse, the long out-of-print Crest of Stars, and, if you stretch the definition of light novel, Legend of the Galactic Heroes. We need more space ships and explosions! And miniskirts.

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    I just finished rewatching the anime, I would love this to get picked up.

  • Added to the comprehensive list as "Bodacious Space Pirates" since that's the title most people will recognize.

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    The anime was indeed nice to watch, but I'm sure the LN is even better if there are a lot of details/minor things the anime usually skip. I see that the last volume was released on August 20, 2014. Is the series complete perhaps? I see LNDB still lists it as ongoing after 4 years with no new volumes.

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    I was about to make a post about this my self. This series is really good! I hope that j-novel can pick this up asap. I have watched the anime as well as read the jp version of the novel. and I can say without a doubt it would be worth it. I am a huge fan of this kind of genre. So even if I own the jp version I would buy all the translated versions as well. The story for this series is well put together. you can find the novel in Japanese for about 571 yen. for those who can read Japanese. That's about 5 bucks USD + exchange rate fees. So I fully hope that they can pick this up. yes, I said the previous line twice but that's just how good of a series this is. o(_ _)o I just don't want to have to go to j-novel and start flipping tables!
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ but if they do pick it up ill put the tables back for them ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) !

  • @terabyte said in Miniskirt Space Pirates:

    I see that the last volume was released on August 20, 2014. Is the series complete perhaps? I see LNDB still lists it as ongoing after 4 years with no new volumes.

    I believe officially it "went on hiatus" after volume 12. Probably leaving open the possibility of continuing it at some point, but without any concrete plans to do so.

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    Just started watching this with a friend of mine, two episodes in and neither one of us are quite sure what to make of it yet, going by what I've read about it though I'm guessing it will pick up soon.

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    It seems the author is doing a lot and I mean a lot. you can follow him on twitter here. [](link url) he seems to be releasing different things here and there and on top of it all he's doing publicity for a rocket team. that's creating a rocket called the momo rocket I believe. either way, I would still love to see this novel picked up and maybe some of his others as well.

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    Also, this is a completed series its not on hiatus from what I can see.

  • And just because I enjoy having chances to prove that I'm not crazy and/or full of it, Chou Miniskirt Space Pirates volume 1 is listed on Amazon with a release date next month. Told you there was going to be more (albeit with a new publisher) :D

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    The anime was surprisingly good space opera along with its schoolgirl slice of life. It felt a bit like a young adult novel written by a Japanese Larry Niven or Andre Norton.

    Without any spoilers, does anyone know what volumes the anime series and movie covered? I'm hoping it wasn't all the way to 12 since I'd like to find out what happened after them.

  • Episodes 1-18 (I think? Up to the end of the Cosplay Pirates story arc) were books 1-3. The rest of the TV series and the movie were all anime original.

    Edited because I was WAY off about which episodes of the anime what happened in. Maybe it's time I should rewatch it too :)

  • how much anime adapted? or was it full adaptation?

  • @theredjet The post literally right on top of yours tells you the answer.