Ubau Mono Ubawareru Mono ( Bereave or Bereaved )

  • Synopsis : Seto Yu is a 12-year-old boy, that is abused violently by his father. One day, he is transported into a fantasy world with video game mechanics after being killed by his abusive father and he discovers that he has the unique ability to steal other people's skills for his own use. He quickly uses his special power to take revenge on the townspeople who bully him and obtains a harem of beautiful girls who love him unconditionally even though he shows no romantic interest in any of them and has the physical build of a skinny teenager.
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    Publisher : Famitsu Bunko(Enterbrain)
    Status : ongoing ( volumes 9)
    illustrations 1-10

    (When I read the first volume it blew me away how amazing this series is)

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    This sounds... interesting.
    The title sounds cool too.
    The MC uses a BIG sword? Okay, that's another plus!

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    Great Story. Would love to read this one in English. I've been following the manga but releases are very slow and I don't think that anyone is doing a fan translation of the LN any more.

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    @lighthawk96 There is a WN fan translation, but it has been going slowly lately. They're up to WN chapter 198 right now.

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    @terabyte Thanks for the info. I will definitely check it out. I stopped reading originally because there were no releases for months and just moved on to other discoveries but would definitely like to come back to this one.

  • @lighthawk96 btw WN covers up to 4 volumes (maybe 5?)

  • Now that I think about it JNC licenced from this publisher Kokoro Connect so possibilty is not a ZERO and this series is Isekai if you don´t know :D

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    The web novel and manga for this series are both really good. the main character is really well written and his phycological flaws are too, the side characters and world are also well written with great depth and detail put into characters personalities, this series is definitely worth a read. Here's hoping that this series LN gets licensed and translated.

  • @nonmelodic Finally somebody who understand the Worth of this series :D

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    Okay, so I ended up reading all of translated WN and got a bunch of mixed feelings about this. I think it suffers from a typical isekai syndrome where in the beginning, everything is interesting and MC is progressing and growing, but then it hits a wall and evolves into cooking isekai. MC does not grow stronger, story progresses at a snails pace and 3/4th of every chapter consist of a gaggle of girls fighting over food MC prepared. That is how this story turned out to be after the first 100 chapters.

    Of course, there is actually some good points in the story. A lot of build up and foreboding makes future events to be quite interesting. But foreboding has been going on since chapter 50 or so. Its like having your BF perform clumsy foreplay for 45 minutes, you'll end up wishing he could just stick it in and cum so that you can go to sleep.

    In the end, the story is inconsistent, it is what you typically expect from WN, but if light novel version is more refined and focused.... Then it would be a good addition to the library. However, if light novel version is just a copy paste of WN, then skip this shit.

  • After Year and 2 months 10th volume will be released in February 28thalt text

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    If someone can recommend a community on the discord on the Serie, I would like.

  • Illustrations 1-10 added