Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin (Nanana's Buried Treasure)

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    Name: Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin
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    Publisher: - Famitsu Bunko (Enterbrain)

    Volume: 12 Volume (Ongoing) January 30, 2012

    Author: Kazuma Ootorino

    Illustrators: Aka Ringo, Non

    Synopsis: Nanae Island is a man-made island in the Pacific Ocean that holds everything necessary for the proper education and training of children. It was created by the Great Seven, a group of adventurers headed by Nanana Ryuugajou, as a place for the young to chase their dreams.

    After being disowned and exiled by his family, high school student Juugo Yama arrives on this island, happy to finally be free of his father. Upon moving into his new room, he discovers the ghost of Nanana Ryuugajou, bound to the island after her unsolved murder 10 years ago. Nanana tells Juugo that, just before her death, she hid items with unique and mysterious powers all across the island—items known as the Nanana Collection. Hoping to uncover clues that will help him find the culprit behind her death, Juugo, with the help of self-proclaimed "Master Detective" Tensai Ikkyuu and her cross-dressing maid Daruku Hoshino, sets out on his search.

    Reason: I like treasure hunting, mystery etc. This is also great for word building, describing the maze and imaginary too so it would be challenge to translate it in my opinion, plus the anime I wasn't satisfy the ending like there has to be more.

  • Really enjoyed the anime for this, would be happy to read more of it! :)

  • Yeah the anime left me with so many questions. Would love to read it probably from the start too.

  • This is probably the most underated LN that is really good and it's better than SAO when it comes to world building and the characters are really different than most of the MC's in LN. Plus combining mystery and treasure hunt in a fantasy like world is really good and that's what make this novel special. Hoping for more to come and hoping for some official translations.

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    Sounds pretty interesting, I should probably at least watch the anime.

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    I remember watching this anime at some point, but I don't recall its content at all.

  • I really but really REALLY want to read this whole LN, I watched the anime and I loved every bit of it, the characters can give you the first impression of being just your typical anime troupe charas, but they're not especially characters like Tensai, this series is so underated we need to have at least one source to read the whole series