Goodreads Giveaways a possibility in the future?

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    I don't know what the logistics are, but I know the site Goodreads allows users to put up a giveaway for either a select amount of print copies [starting at 1 single copy] or about 100 digital codes for Kindle. Users then can enter the giveaway and hope to be randomly selected.

    Yen Press gives away a few print copies each month of select Manga + LN [Goblin Slayer LN up there now].

    I don't know if it's a huge sales booster, but it could be good for visibility's sake, especially if you give them away on a Goodreads account with the publisher name.

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    Goodreads is on our radar! We're waiting to maybe get some volume 2s out before giving away volume 1s!

    That's the smart strategy, see.

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