A new app Beta released for Android! Ver 2.0.1

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    @microdynames said in A new app Beta released for Android! Ver 2.0.1:

    Tapping to turn the page has suddenly become a lot more unreliable in the latest app version. Swipe to turn always works, but tap often fails randomly.

    I've found that tap will sometimes move 2 pages instead of 1. Was only able to get this to occur on the latest part of Infinite Stratos.

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    @sniper_samurai I've noticed this too. I'll try and figure out what's happening...

  • Updated to latest version (now with manga reader) and I have questions.

    • Is simple reader mode gone?

    • Connected to above, is pagination gone?

    • I use night mode default but when I open a part, it's all black unless I switch themes first and then switch back to night mode for stuff to show up.

    • Doing the above work around makes the resume function useless.

    Positives though, I like how black-er the black is especially on my amoled screen. Justified text looks so clean. Looks like the issue with italic text showing up as >em em< is fixed.

    Obviously this is a work in progress so I'll try to be patient.

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    I am having a fair number of issues reading novels now too. Whenever I open a part up I am unable to scroll to the next page and instead starts skipping ahead to somewhere in the middle or end and you are unable to go back. It also does not save where I was previously. To get the reader to work properly, I have to apply a new setting (I can change it back again, just have to apply a new setting or else I can't scroll to the next page) then scroll back to where I left off.

    I don't know if this makes much sense, I can supply more information if needed.

  • It's a minor (or at least more rare thing), but I had to log back in today . I'm not sure what triggered it, but I ran into an issue where I couldn't paste my password via long press.

    Would it be possible to enable this, or (even better) provide hints for autofill (like here: https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/text/autofill-optimize)


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