It's Time From Z (Zの時間)

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    ( Z No Jikan)

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    What Is This?

    I believe the story is basically that the main character was immersed in a VRMMO, and when they took the helmet off, their world had already been infested with a zombie outbreak. Now he has to survive.


    Same author as Outbreak Company and Bluesteel Blasphemer.

    (Note the appearance of another character with glasses and short black hair, + there are guns in the book too).

    Review from Bookmeter user:

    When I was withdrawing and playing the VRFPS game, the world was perished in no time! Zombie panic thing called. I have not had much opportunity to touch such works, but it was really funny. A hero who is familiar with guns and military families and a heroine familiar with zombies cooperate and like to expand survival.

    More reviews:

    Who is the publisher?

    Hobby Japan.

    How Many Volumes?

    Volume 2 is releasing shortly.

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    The Zombie media saturation didn't reach Japan very much so I'd actually be interested in reading something like this.

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    It sounds like it is like touching on all the VRMMO stories & rejecting it in favour of the real world, which is kinda cool. Also the waking up in a different world than the one you left (vrmmo instead of sleep) is kinda isekai-ish, so it's like nodding to two popular somewhat overused settings and going with neither.

    I dig it.

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    There's a great nonfiction zombie book that came out of Japan. Don't know if you've checked it out, but it has fun manga drawings in it.

    There was a bit of a craze with School Live, HS of the Dead, and I Am a Hero, and obviously there's a good deal of zombie games in Japan (Resident Evil, House of the Dead / Typing of the Dead, Dead Rising). LN maybe not as much (there was that one that was based on an adult VN, Only I Am Not Attacked In A World Overflowing With Zombies).

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    Given that I've enjoyed pretty everything I've read from the author I'll give this an upvote.

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    Halloween bumpity bump. 🧟‍♂️🧟

    Volume 2 released in September of this year, though the author is really active and busy since even then (3 new volumes pop up on Bookwalker for 3 different series since this released). Always makes me nervous when an author has so many series he's juggling, like the Neechan author to a lesser extent.