No Game No Life: Practical War Game

  • Synopsis : The novel covers six short stories including different characters about their exploits in different periods - more info of the short stories

    Well its NGNL what am i supposed to say :D..we know that Yen Press is such a **** and can´t just release volumes and they are making excuses and i have no hope to get this licenced by Yen Press so here i am!!! its just ONE Volumes and it will be profitable AS FUCK!! and Ohh BOY you will not get disappointed by this LN even if its just a Side Story one! :D
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  • I'm pretty sure Yen's gonna license this at some point. NGNL sells really well from what I remember of vol.6's amazon rankings... over a year ago...

    IIRC this novel came out between vol.9 and 10.

    On the topic of NGNL, Yen might ACTUALLY release vol.7 this October. I saw the English cover art on their site.

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    Even though i have my own issues with Yen Press I still expect this to be licensed eventually, after all they are releasing the Danmachi spin offs.

  • @doublemangekyo and they finally added how many pages will be - 240 :D,more pages = more FUN :D

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    Licensing is fine and all, but I'd also like to read the books at some point lol

    NGNL 7 release date is an ongoing joke at this point. Until I see it's out I won't believe they'll release it this October.

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    I feel like Sam would be stepping on some hypothetical toes with Yen Press if he tried to get this one.
    Not to mention I seriously doubt Kadokawa, who own a share of Yen Press, would allow anyone else to publish it.

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