Question About Epub Releases in Kobo

  • I have downloaded the first volume of Grimgar from Kobo. It only offers epub3 format (DRM protected). From what I read here, it seems Kobo offer epub and pdf format, and for epub there are 2 options (DRM protected and free).

    My question is, is the format of the published that J-Novel submitted to Kobo is decided by Kobo or by J-Novel? If it's by J-Novel, may I request that J-Novel to also consider offering the epub in DRM-free content (so 2 options, protected and free)? My intention is not to share the ebooks, I just want an easier access to read the ebooks using my preferred epub reader.

    Also, thank you guys for the first volume release of Grimgar! I'm looking forward for the rest of the volumes!

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    @ky0n_77 When selling through 3rd party retailers like Kobo, our licensing agreements require that we use their DRM option.

    However, if you become a premium member and download the premium epubs directly from our own site, those epubs are DRM free. So that's an option for you!

  • @Sam-Pinansky I see. Thanks for the explanation. :)

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