Can You Multitask while Reading?

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    I was just curious cause i just tried reading a new part while eating a granola bar and for the life of me i could not retain any of the story at all, and it took me the entire granola bar to finish the first paragraph.

    Also this extends s bit beyond "multitasking" but i cant read while in any moving vehicle, cars, trains, planes, boats.

  • Reading while in a vehicle (and obviously NOT WHILE DRIVING like I've seen too many people do) isn't a problem, but I usually can't read while the television is on. I say "usually," because if baseball is on then I can read and watch at the same time.

    Reading while walking through the house or eating isn't a problem, but I'm not going to try reading while cooking. Something'll get burnt.

  • I can read and eat, though my pace goes way down (I do fairly often when eating cereal or a sandwich). I can also read and walk if there's not much in the way of obstacles, though I don't usually. I don't really consider it multitasking, but I can also read while riding (car, plane, boat) just fine.

    Read and do anything besides a simple repetitive action? No way.

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    if I couldn't read while on the train/commute - I'd go nuts!
    reading while eating NP, TV on is ok but I ignore the tv - not divide my attention

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    Read & eat, or read as a passenger in a car or on a train/plane/etc is fine. With the TV on depends on how into the show/movie I am, can vary between totally zone out the TV or totally zone out the book.

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    I'll read while I'm brushing my teeth. Reading while watching TV seems counter-productive.

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    @paul-nebeling said in Can You Multitask while Reading?:

    I'll read while I'm brushing my teeth. Reading while watching TV seems counter-productive.

    I read (text to speech) while Shaving. One of the more monotonous tasks of the day.

    I'd read while showering too if my phone were more durable / water resistant (my old one was).

    But I can't play a video game while I listen. Just doesn't work for my brain. I gotta get back into exercising while listening.

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    Reading and eating is easy.
    Reading while on an exercise bike is fine.
    Reading while riding in a moving vehicle is impossible for me.

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    I can read and eat if it's just a granola bar; otherwise I wait till I'm done eating if a knife and fork are required. I usually turn off the TV though when I want to read-it's too distracting. I envy you people that can read in cars/planes just fine; I can't do it-I get queasy.

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    I read while I'm eating lunch at work. My lunch hour is my main reading time anymore.

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    I can read doing just about anything.
    TV no problem, walking between classes in HS, in college I read during freshman Chemistry lecture.

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    Anything beyond having a snack while I read is too much of a distraction.

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    Depends what I'm doing. As mentioned, if it's something mindless/automatic, it's very easy to multitask. I can read while eating, but prefer to watch shows or listen to podcasts while I do that.

    As far as reading with the TV going, I can only do that if I treat it as white noise. Generally have to focus on one or the other.

    I can also read while traveling in vehicles. It's a nice distraction, especially while on planes. I feel bad for those who can't.

  • Since I am a gamer, yes. Though apparently studies have been made with results showing that the more you multitask, the worse you get at it.

    For a gamer though, multitasking is a necessity.

    I personally just hate wasting time. I know that I do read too much though. My English teacher even told me to stop reading. Actually, several of them told me I read too much and asked me to read less.

    Granted, one of them required us to read each day (not necessarily a book per day) and was buying books with their own money for us to read so I suppose when I read 20-40 books a day, it could get fairly expensive, which might have contributed to them asking me to read less.

  • I regularly eat and read, but I do notice it cuts my reading speed in half.

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    Whenever I need to do housework, yet feel lazy, I usually do it while reading on my smartphone.

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    It just kinda depends.reading when ther3 is someone talking is just hard, it does not matter if I understand what they are saying but if they are clearly speaking an intelligent language. It all depends on how well I can tune out the voice, sometimes I do this really well other times not.

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    Nah, I would focus reading.

  • Reading while playing a game for me depends on how long the loading screen is and death timers or respawn timers. Also boring cutscenes. I usually read while listening to music but non of that classical music, I’m talking rap,rock,generic radio music as I have my pandora on shuffle. Yeah sometimes it gets hard to read with music on. So that one is gets difficult at times. I also do it eating,showering, and sometimes while working. But the work part is if the day is going slow and I can afford to work slower and still be done with my task. It doesn’t happen often sadly. The darn place is just to busy for the most part.

  • As for me, reading while doing another thing will cause me to lost track abou the story. So, will try to find time where I can solely focus on reading. So, no multitasking when reading

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