App feature suggestions

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    1. Be able to rotate device and have page rotate as well
    2. Add a search feature
    3. Add notifications of updates
    4. Add ordering options e.g., date published, alphabetic, and/or read or unread.
    5. A field to request light novels (wish list) e.g., Death March Rhapsody to a Parallel World or Snow White with Red Hair Series. Perhaps include or flag those already on ebook sites or published in paper.
    6. Allow publisher et al to add link or direction where to get ebook or paper versions.

    I am sure there are others.

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    @gprovida The beta app includes a search facilities. You can search the forums for a link to the relevant Google Play page.

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    I'd like to see a reader (of full epubs) built into the app
    "my library" on the app

    save a step of porting from webiste/my library to a reader app on my portable device

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