Atelier Tanaka

  • Publisher: Micro Magazine (GC Novels)
    Status: 8 Volumes (Ongoing)
    Synopsis: The story is about a man named Yoshio Tanaka who get's reincarnated with healing magic as a cheat ability BUT there's actually more to this story in which I'll leave as a spoiler (or try to if I'm even successful at it):

    My thoughts on the series: To me it definitely sounds like it'd be worth a read
    it also seems targeted more towards adults which I also like! The Covers too are pretty neat with a medieval looking feel to it!

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    Transplanting my post from 10 months ago about this series in the old free for all thread.

    Would something Rated R/Adult be off the table? I'm not sure if the following is a possibility due to content/publisher/target demo but I would love to see Tanaka The Wizard picked up by JNC. Has anyone else even heard of the title? An unimpressive looking middle aged man is transported to another world with his original appearance. He ends up just wanting a simple life and to own a house but of course some situation drags him into the middle of something. His fetishes and inner thoughts are sometimes a bit extreme but does the right thing for those he cares about. What I have read in fan translations of the web novel a lot of the supporting cast seem to have "unique" personalities to contrast their typical appearance.

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