Atelier Tanaka

  • Publisher: Micro Magazine (GC Novels)
    Status: 8 Volumes (Ongoing)
    Synopsis: The story is about a man named Yoshio Tanaka who get's reincarnated with healing magic as a cheat ability BUT there's actually more to this story in which I'll leave as a spoiler (or try to if I'm even successful at it):

    My thoughts on the series: To me it definitely sounds like it'd be worth a read
    it also seems targeted more towards adults which I also like! The Covers too are pretty neat with a medieval looking feel to it!

  • Transplanting my post from 10 months ago about this series in the old free for all thread.

    Would something Rated R/Adult be off the table? I'm not sure if the following is a possibility due to content/publisher/target demo but I would love to see Tanaka The Wizard picked up by JNC. Has anyone else even heard of the title? An unimpressive looking middle aged man is transported to another world with his original appearance. He ends up just wanting a simple life and to own a house but of course some situation drags him into the middle of something. His fetishes and inner thoughts are sometimes a bit extreme but does the right thing for those he cares about. What I have read in fan translations of the web novel a lot of the supporting cast seem to have "unique" personalities to contrast their typical appearance.

    alt text

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    Bumping because someone from the LN podcast wants this, so throwing in support for them (I'm sure I'd read it too, covers look interesting). x)

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    @terrence said in Atelier Tanaka:

    (I'm sure I'd read it too, covers look interesting). x)

    I've seen the illustrations and in Vol 1, the MC seems to take advantage of a situation if you know what I mean.

  • So this is another one of those PG13 harem light novels where protagonist gets a gaggle of girls but never lays a hand on them? Moreover, the reasoning for that is kinda silly.
    Pass pass pass pass pass pass pass.

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    @drone205 but in later volume he lets himself get roped into pointless encounters.

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    @Zing I wouldn’t say it’s your typical pg13 harem. What goes on in the MC Tanaka’s head is pretty R-rated. He hasn’t slept with any of the girls mainly because he’s awkward like Steve Carnell in 40 year old virgin, and that’s what makes it so funny. The contrast between his inner monologue and his actual action is one of the running gag in the series.

  • Tanaka The Wizard Vol.9 – May 30, 2019 + beautiful COVER!!alt text

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    so the important questions

    • is it funny? a good read? interesting?

    • does it offer something different?

    sounds like worth a try to me (I up-voted) The questions re rater "R" or "PG-13" , I wonder where USA readers draw that line? It seems to me that a common trope in series that have romance/harem/comedy elements is what will get in the way of the MC 'closing the deal' (he/she never does) If the MC 'succeeds' does that make it rated "R"? ToLoveRu (IIRC) MC never (intentionally) gets past 2nd base but (if live action) would be questionable if was "PG-13"

    Personally I'd like to see a series/story where the comedic situations come to fruition and the characters need to deal with the relations that develop (Arifureta does, How Not to Summon a Demon Lord doesn't but actually has more ecchi /explicit rather than implied situations)

  • @theredjet i tried Fantranlsation + manga/adapted 1st vol.of LN) and BOY!! this is actually pretty good series
    it have some intense momens like in Demon Lord :D each vol. intense moment :D + there are 16-18 illustrations per Vol. then this series must profit no? since doing that much illustrations cost pretty a lot it is rare to see series with 10 illustrations these days but ove 15 illustrations each VOl. BOY!!! we need this one this one will be succesful!!!!!

  • @jon-mitchell it is R but not with MC he is 36 old virgin still :D it have some intense moments like Demon Lord,it is funny engaging you know what try 1st vol. of light novel or you can read manga it adapted 1st vol.

  • @zing it is not PG13 but R with some intense scenes but without MC its always girls

  • ohh,manga is finished but it will continue later

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    is he a wizard?


  • @jon-mitchell healer but you can call him wizard since he´s OP AF with other magic

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    I was making a joke

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    I know this will never get licensed by JNC because of how vulgar it can be, but this is honestly one of the funniest things I have ever read. Like @Phione said, the main character feels a lot like a Japanese 40 year old virgin and seeing the contrast between his thoughts and actions is hilarious. I wish someone would license it but for now thankfully the fan translations are good and released weekly. Hopefully someone has the balls to make it an anime one day too because it would be incredible in the right hands.

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    Maybe JNC needs another label like JNC Heart, JNC After Dark or something

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