loss of premium credits.

  • I was in the middle of switching banks and completely forgot about my j novel club account, however , since I have encountered a time in which I am financially incapable to have even a member account, I have lost a total of seven premium credits that I bought ala carte. is there any possible way for either a refund or for me to use those credits in any way?

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    I still see the PREMIUM MEMBER tag on your account so I'm a bit confused. If I get it right, your premium membership has expired but you want to use the credits (or get a refund for them)?

    I don't know about a refund for the credits, but you can still use them for sure. Just send an email to the support/contact email accounts and ask for specific volumes to be added to your account in exchange for your current premium credits.

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    Credits are preserved on your account even if your subscription lapses. If you were to resubscribe, the credits would still be there.

    While you officially can't use credits without a subscription, the system does not prevent you from doing so. You just need to use a link that goes directly to the credit redemption page for a specific volume, which will allow you to use the credits on your account without a subscription.

    EDIT: The subreddit didn't have it like I thought it did. You can always ask here or on the discord for somebody to post the link for which volumes you'd like to use the credits on.

    EDIT 2: It's not hard to figure out the URLs either. For example, here is Unwanted Undead v1:


    EDIT 3: If you have Chrome, you can go to the volume page of a book on the site, hit F12, go to the "Network" tab, type "findOne" into the filter box, go back to the webpage, hit CTRL-F5, click on the result that shows up, go to the "Preview" tab, and the value you need to use for the redeemCredit page is the "titleslug" value. For example, for Unwanted Undead v1, you should see:

    titleslug: "the-unwanted-undead-adventurer-volume-1"

    You can paste that in the redeemCredit URL.

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    @gunsablazing sorry but what do you mean you lost them?

    Are they not in your account right now when you go to account, and Membership status?

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    @gunsablazing as said above if you purchased credits (or received them via month distributions) they are tied to your account even if the account lapses.

    Contact support@j-novel.club and they will be able to look into what happened to your credits.

  • @terabyte I thank you for this information.

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    @gunsablazing like if you used the login with google option and then accidentally made a separate account with a different email for example it’s possivle the credits are in another account etc.
    if you email me I can see if I can fix things up for you.

    As for refunds for credits I can definitely refund alacart credits that haven’t been used yet as long as you bought them in the past few months.

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