More titles getting a print release

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    No, Sam has said they won't include them, and the already released print volumes don't.

  • @jon-mitchell going off of Smartphone Physicals, no they won’t.

    Which could change, Seven Seas edition of Arifureta, and Realist Hero have the bonus short stories

  • Including things like the short stories could help with sales of physical books, but maybe they want to keep those for the website?

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    Sounds weird, why would you take them hostage for the site when even SS prints have them. Maybe it's some unusual licensing terms or jp pubs were unhappy that SS included those...?

  • I didn't want to make it sound like the stories are being held hostage or something like that. I just thought that maybe they wanted to keep them as incentives for people to make accounts on the jnovel club site? I remember that was one of the perks to making an account on this site. I'd love to see shorts get included in books in the future. But that could involve extra licensing costs to include them in books maybe?

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    oh- I get why sometimes "bonus" contents are in premium ebooks via JNC only (or why they might sometimes be in print but not on kindle edition or whatever) . I imagine the short stories and whatnot may have a licence rider/addendum - restricted to something or another (or have an extra cost) and that this will vary based upon the original Japanese publishing house and T&C of the source materials

    I'd like to see more

    as an aside - I read a Manga recently that had a handful of end-notes- explaining a joke that might've slipped passed (specific cultural reference) or term, or a PUN in native language that was lost in translation- any chance of seeing that sort of thing as bonus content? (In print or ebook) translator notes/comments?

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    They were mostly store-exclusive short stories in Japan, my understanding is that the licensing involved with putting them in print volumes in other stores is a lot more complicated than licensing them to do in a members-only premium epub.

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    @jon-mitchell Some serie have translator or editor comment as bonus like kokoro connect, Ragnarok has a glossary on North mythologie, sometime there's also author interview (the far away paladin, last and first idole) and i think it was for Occulitic 9 that they have photo and the quick story of the visit of one of the novel location which really exist. But it seem that they make those type of bonus only when there's no picture or short stories available.