Which ebook seller is the best for switching devices regularly?

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    I often switch between 4 different devices, so I'm looking for a seller that supports syncing progress between devices, most preferably a web reader.
    Actually JNC's own reader is pretty good, if only it also supported released volumes.

  • I've been using bookwalker app so that i can go between devices, and that is where i own most of my LN's. Don't know about the web reader for bookwalker though as i haven't used it, I either use the android apps or the PC app.

    However i do about about 40 of the premium epubs from here, and i use the google play book app to read them, and that also sync's progress between devices. On the PC i just use the web reader on the google play books page, which also sync's progress.

    I haven't got any complaints about either of them.

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    @timaaahh Google Play Books is actually very nice to use with a good web reader. Good idea (y)

  • @tgquan67 Yeah, I've got no complaints, and it's easy to use. Download the epub files to my google drive, and then just link the google drive epub to my google play books library.

    Since all my mobile devices are andriod and i use chrome as my main web browser, it all works seamlessly.

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    Recently I switched to Google Play Books, too.

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    Amazon Kindle automatically syncs your read progress between all platforms (desktop cloud, physical kindle device, android iOS phone/tablet apps). This works for both books purchased via the Kindle store and epubs that you convert with Calibre and send to Kindle, though the desktop cloud reader doesn't support converted documents (everything else does).

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    With Google Play Books you can just upload the epub files directly with no trouble. Converting them might seem like a small thing, but the more books you buy/have, the more time you lose on converting them all 😜

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    Not really. Once you download the epub file from JNC, you're going to need to take a manual action to upload it to Google, or you're going to need a manual action to convert it with Calibre. And I don't think either one is really much more effort than the other.

    Once you have it set up, the process for converting to Calibre is:

    1. Drag and drop the epub onto the calibre window
    2. Right click on the book and click "Send to <name>@kindle.com"

    I think it might be possible to do something with the toolbar so that you can reduce that by one click, but I really doubt uploading them to Google Play is much faster.

    If you've got a lot of books to send, it's not really any slower. Select a bunch of epubs. Drag them over in one shot. Select multiple books in calibre (like, click-shift-click just like in file explorer). Right click and send.

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    @guspaz Oh, so it works like that. Never had a Kindle. I assumed you had to manually convert it (step 1), and then upload it (step 2). I guess what I said above doesn't apply at all then 😅

  • Yup go with google, I use iBook and google nothing else. I prefer google tho since I think just about any device can be used with google.

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    Personally, I prefer Kobo. I switch between my Kobo (yeah), phone or tablet depending on the time of day or where I am and so far it has been great. The only downside is that you can't read on the web (someone correct me if i'm wrong) but their app on the other hand is really nice and syncs properly.

    Another reason I prefer Kobo nowadays is because I live in Malaysia where Yenpress has decided that almost all of their releases don't need digital distribution there. So I can't get their ebook from anywhere except buying physical copies from Kinokuniya which is very delayed and quite pricey. Good thing Kobo let me switch my country to US unlike Kindle or Bookwalker so I can enjoy my novels like I'm mean to :P

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    Seven Seas stuff was recently added to Google Books too, so most of the LN digital library can be found there now.

    And Google Books does offer text to speech support, so if that's something you want to try out, it's an option there.

    Another thing: Look out for discounts on Google Play Cards this Winter. Can stock up on credit. =]

    Edit: I decided to try a new app, Pocket Book Ereader. It can read the DRM Adobe EPub copy of Haruhi Suzumiya that I got from Kobo. ^_^

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    I prefer Kindle app over Google Play app, primarily because of collections - so I can sort all my premium epubs into folders per series - Play only does that with purchased Play books AFAIK so with a big library if being able to sort things however you wish is an issue for you that may sway you one way or another.

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    i read everything i purchase on my ipad mini in ibooks or i use the apple j novel club app for pre pubs also on by ipad mini.

  • I only use my phone for all the epubs I own. JNC epubs for JNC titles, and Kobo (with Calibre conversion) for everything else. I use Moon+ reader and although I haven't tried it myself, apparently it can sync between devices.

    Maybe I'll look into Google Play Books.

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    @cosm1cfall Yes, Moon+ Reader can sync between devices.

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