Favorite Quotes so Far from J-Novel Club stuff? Quotes from other Manga / Light Novels?

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    @ImIlyaz They aren't bad. Bit Uguu Moe, but they're drawn well, and sometimes really well (you know, in scenes with the flowery and sparkly tone backgrounds).

    The girl on volume 1's cover is actually a guy in drag. Eyepatch boy is real though (his editor was unsure about having someone that looks like patchy the pirate be a love interest, but when he saw it was the medic type patch, he relented). xD

    Edit: Looked at some of the covers. Mego (girl form, not her brother in drag) looks better in book most of the time. The characters are pretty expressive at times. Story and characters the focus though, yeah.

    I just finished volume 4 recently. Heading up to the library to get some more volumes soon.

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    Arifureta vol 1
    "Don't think things'll always go your way! I'm a Japanese man who knows how to assert himself and say no!" - Hajime

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    Resurrecting this topic to add a quote or two. I'm going to start copying down quotes more on Goodreads again I think. I feel this is a topic that doesn't deserve to stay down.

    Latest one I found, from Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction manga:

    When I was little, people often misread the Kanji in my name as Mon-De... So the boys flipped it around and called me De-Mon, as in The Devil. Demons plague humanity, but I wasn't doing anything wrong. Ever since, I've been uncomfortable with how people cheerfully unite against perceived enemies

    Asano always has the poignant quotes. Sometimes he has too many messages going on over the course of his books, some probably contradictory and some pretentious, but when one hits it's nice.

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    Not from J-novel but

    "...it's not like dreams go away when you open your eyes.
    "The memory of having that dream stays with you.
    "And so your heart can still be warmed by that memory."

    and continuing

    "Even if you can see the flower reflected in the mirror or the moon floating in the water,
    you can't pick them up. If you try to take hold of either one, they vanish as if they never existed. But for that very reason, as long as we don't forget about them, they can linger in our hearts and stay beautiful forever."

    Touko Amano
    Book Girl and the Undine who Bore a Moonflower (pg. 203)

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    This little gold nugget from Realist Hero, vol.4:
    "...unfortunately, I was not equipped with the right fetishes to appreciate it fully. " - Souma Kazuya

    For non-JNC stuff, I'll definitely go with author Yuu Kamiya's whole opener for No Game No Life, vol.2:

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    A non-JNC quote.

    "What's wrong? Your meat-eating hand has stopped. Meat, meat, meat meat meat. Beef, beef, pork, chicken, beef, beef, offal, offal, eat it in that order. You're a little on the skinny side. Pig out on some meat."

    ~ Deishu Kaiki

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    A few different light novels use this phrase or something similar:

    "If this was a light novel"

    I have a few others, but I'd have to go through all of them one by one to find them since my memory has been a mess lately.

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    "Torment those calf muscles" "I'm not into... Tormenting myself"

    • not Masochistic Souma - Realist Hero.

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    There is a debate over which is happier, the flower that blooms in the field or the caged bird.

    It is meaningless.

    The flower and bird each have their own happiness.

    • Realist Hero v7, After Returning to the Country Arc 3

    My mind immediately went to this song from My Hime https://youtu.be/XFqKHgd0eB0

    Needless to say, I am now feeling quite emotional.