Can we have a "Cart" Functionality for the site?

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    As there are more and more volumes, it would be nice to be able to batch buy a bunch of them at once. So like if I wanted to batch buy all the Rokujouma volumes (which I'd love to do), I could add them all to a cart and redeem all the required credits at once. Or if I'm doing a bunch of pre-orders, I could select them all and batch redeem those.

    So yea, would be nice to get a kind of "cart" functionality.

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    I don't really consider it a problem when buying volumes, however a little different implementation of a cart, a list of pre-orders one has, would be very welcome. Or better yet, simply a short 'reminder list' of latest volumes you have bought/pre-ordered.

    As of right now, even if you have the option to buy in contrast to pre-order, titles usually only become available to download later that day, or even after a whole day, after release.
    Which means a headache when trying to keep track of which titles you have downloaded and which ones not, especially if you have a vast library. One way to check is if the number of items in the download folder corresponds to the number of your library items. However if you can't download an item you've bought just yet, that approach of course will not work...

    Those are the very reasons I've been buying volumes on individual basis, as they become available, instead of pre-ordering them all in a batch, like month in advance. More work but a lot less hassle...

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    @korppi I think having the ability to sort your JNC library would be a great help. You can sort onto downloaded and not-downloaded and all you just have to do is once you download a book you put it into the download pile.

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    I second this, I want a faster bulk buying option for the site lol... I am planning to bulk buy soon and do some heavy binge reading but having to go one by one is driving me nuts. >.>

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    I just thought of another thing. Once you buy a book, if it's available to download it will download (or give the option) the book you are buying. If it is a preorder then it could give you a message that it is available for download.

  • I really do wish that they'd change the ordering process.


    Have a list of purchasable books (that you don't already own). (Plus gift options for books)

    Series Name: Volume 1: Premium Bonuses
    Series Name: Volume 2: Premium Bonuses

    As an example with a checklist or add to cart button, then at the cart, shows you everything as such a list and a then at the bottom it shows you how many credits you need/have and asks you if you want to purchase with credits or buy credits you are lacking then buy. (and of course, an option to remove books from the cart).

    I'm not asking for Bookwalker tier (Bookwalker is actually amazingly well built as far as the mobile shopping experience goes The desktop shopping experience is ironically worse).

    Why am I mentioning Bookwalker?

    They have a feature on their mobile version where it shows you series you've bought books for and what volumes you are missing for that series. It also shows you the bonuses you'll get (if any).

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    @sinnoaria Yeah i agree with all of that but even more about showing the premium bonuses, they should really make so people want to take a membership and get those premium ebook.

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