Three complaints and a wish for success

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    Greetings all and possibly the J-Novel Club staff.

    I've been a premium member long enough to notice some few aspects that should be improved at once. I'll be polite describing them but at the same time I'll use an agressive tone to put some emphasis. I apologize beforehand if that sounds harsh and offend someone but I think we need to "shake" something here. Anyway, brace yourselves.

    First, this site is not mobile-first, it's mobile-ONLY. I'm unable to see the reason as to why J-Novel Club uses only a portion of the site to display the reader. Think about it, if we're using the site instead of the app that means we're using a PC, so we want to use the free space to improve our readability and experience.

    Second, notifications? I utterly hate the fact that I can't subscribe to new prepub parts or e-pub publications. I don't find it enjoyous to keep in-mind a release schedule or calendar. Not everyone would come back to the site without a reason. I'd suggest you to set a web push (for this site), push notification (for the mobile app) and subscription service to let us select what we want to read.

    Third, when listing light novels and selecting one, if I select one that's on page 2 or higher, the pagination is rewinded back to page 1. But this is more like a side note than a complaint.

    These are my top 3 priority complaints, other than that I appreciate your efforts to keep that platform open worldwide. Which means no region lock or any other bullshit that would force a fan to search for unauthorized ways to obtain a work. I hope you keep that strong posture and guarantee yourselves worldwide.

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    Using the full width... I tried that on my PC using a different reader, and the narrower "screen" used by JNC's web reader is easier to follow. My preferred reader goes to two page mode when the screen gets to more than 100 columns wide.

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    I think for the pre-pub reader I think scaling it up to where it fits the screen and making it so about 10-12 words fit on a line (or whatever the optimal words per line is) and giving the option to scroll down the whole part would be good.

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    I second this. the prepub reader is hard for my already diminishing eye...
    I can increase the font size tho, and the two page option is helping but then the layout would start to look terrible and not looks line a novel anymore...

    And notification, I remember there was once an RSS subscription that did not work. so being able to subscribe a series and have em notified directly to my email or my phone would be great.

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